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A growing guide to sustainable fashion brands in Australia

A growing guide to sustainable fashion brands in Australia

Boody offers ethical bamboo clothing from undergarments to t-shirts.

Looking for more environmentally-friendly options in Australia? Wearing clothes made of eco-friendly textiles is one step toward developing a more sustainable wardrobe.

Creating a more sustainable wardrobe entails more than just shopping from sustainable brands; you should also be aware of the fabrics used, as well as the manufacturing and processing methods employed. Here’s our take on where to find Australia’s top sustainable fashion brands.

Best sustainable fashion brands in Australia

Sans Beast designs vegan handbags and accessories that are distinctive, practical and eco-friendly.

Sans Beast

Using recycled raw materials and bio-based fabric, Sans Beast is an Australian brand that creates vegan handbags. Sans Beast particularly aims to maintain a healthy environment by using materials made from robust steel, iron and carbon to create a unique design.

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Bhumi is one of the leading Australian brand for sustainable and premium organic bedding essentials.


Bhumi practises sustainable luxury and designs using eco-friendly materials. Using organic cotton, Bhumi analyses the quality of threads and the type of dye used. Its products are ethically made in fairtrade factories, presently improving the quality of health and well-being for farmers and workers.  

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Boody offers ethical bamboo clothing from undergarments to t-shirts.


Boody designs beautiful, sustainable, and ethical bamboo clothing for pure comfort. Their goods are made in China, Vietnam, or India. The bamboo clothing is made from up to 95% organic bamboo, giving it an overall soft and breathable feel. Bamboo fibres have antibacterial and anti-static properties, bringing another level of comfort to their products.

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Nobody Denim sets the bar for ethical and environmentally friendly denim production in Australia.

Nobody Denim

Founded in Australia, Nobody Denim aims to minimise its carbon footprint by becoming more energy efficient across the company, creating ethical denim jeans and apparel. The sustainable label prioritises maintaining an ethical workplace and providing fair wages above all, valuing creativity, quality and its people equally.

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Metta Melbourne offers classic silhouettes and cuts in high-quality natural materials ethically manufactured in Lithuania, India, and Melbourne.

Metta Melbourne

Metta Melbourne creates easy-to-wear clothing from eco-friendly materials such as natural fibre fabrics coming from Lithuania. Its silk and cotton products are manufactured in India where they practice weaving and lace knitting. Metta Melbourne aims to strive for a sustainable environment while creating quality products that last for years.

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Khòlò is an Australian sustainable brand that offers size-inclusive and limited edition eco-friendly pieces.


Based in Melbourne, Kholo produces fashionable and comfortable apparel for women by using eco-friendly materials. Kholo maintains an ethical workplace by paying fair wages to garment workers in India.

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Dominique Healy produces trans-seasonal items that are gradually made available in limited quantities.

Dominique Healy

Founded in 2017, Dominique Healy uses eco-friendly materials to create high-quality fabrics that last a long time. In order to minimise textile wastage, the brand uses as much fabric as it can to create unique patterns and designs. When creating products, Dominique Healy uses deadstock fabric from Japan, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, maintaining a sustainable approach.

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Remuse is a Melbourne-based clothing brand that fuses artisanal methods with low-impact dye technology.


Founded in Australia, Remuse is an ethical brand that uses eco-friendly materials such as natural fibres, vegan materials, and plant-based dyes to create apparel for both women and men. Remuse offers handcrafted pieces made from deadstock fabrics and dyed with plant-based and fiber-reactive ingredients.

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Only natural, source-traceable textiles, yarns, and raw materials are used by Joslin.


Joslin is an Australian brand that uses materials such as recycled polyester, silk, organic cotton and ramie in each of their collections to reduce deadstock waste. They incorporate ethical business practices in the production of their clothing and jewellery to produce high-quality items.

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A.BCH is a Melbourne-based clothing brand that is dedicated to ethical and sustainable business practices.


A.BCH is a circular fashion label that creates fashionable unique apparel using renewable, organic and recycled materials. The brand prioritises suppliers and creates all its garments in Melbourne to reduce its carbon footprint. Additionally, their products are comfortable and durable, lasting a long time.

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