Mathilda D'Silva Ocean Purpose Project Singapore

Mathilda D’Silva on fighting ocean plastic waste in Singapore

The ocean is our planet’s source of life. A bounty of natural beauty, it produces over half of our oxygen and supports countless ecosystems and livelihoods. Sadly, our seas are littered with…

Raye Padit, founder of The Fashion Pulpit shares his eco tips on World Environment Day

Raye Padit on the power of clothes swapping

Can you love fashion and be an environmental advocate at the same time? It might seem irrational, but it’s not impossible thanks to the sustainable fashion movement. As you might have discovered,…

Charlotte Mei sustainability singapore world environment day 2021

Charlotte Mei talks composting, shopping local and more

While sustainability and circularity are now buzzwords, there are individuals that have been practicing eco-habits in their daily routines. From reusing old pasta jars to store nuts and grains, to turning old…

How to avoid impulse shopping black young woman doing shopping in a store

11 ways to stop impulse shopping

With e-commerce on the rise, and accounting for 16% of sales in the second quarter of 2020, shopping has never been easier and more accessible. However, with the ease of online shopping…

mahima gujral sui ethical fashion brand singapore india

Mahima Gujral on celebrating nature through our clothes

If I asked you to picture a beautiful scene from nature, you might imagine rolling green hills, lush tree canopies or flowers dancing in the breeze. Sounds picturesque, right? And while it…

Yumika Hoskin believes in changing a habit to change the world

Yumika Hoskin on changing habits to change the world

One of the biggest obstacles to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Breaking bad habits. From refusing plastic straws to carrying a reusable container, greener living is a constant work in progress. And…

ZERRIN's #Down4Earth campaign for World Environment Day spotlights Singapore sustainability advocates and social entrepreneurs

13 Singapore sustainability advocates inspire on World Environment Day

Are you #Down4Earth? This World Environment Day, ZERRIN spotlights Singapore-based sustainability advocates and their tips for living greener. It’s no secret that climate change is the battle of our times. From the…

what to do with old clothes in 2021

6 things to do with your old clothes in 2021

Have a lot of clothes you don’t wear but don’t want to throw them away? Try these 6 ways you can give your clothes a second life.

closet detox challenge marie kondo spark joy clothes

30 days, 30 outfits: What I learnt from ‘shopping’ my own wardrobe

Feel like your wardrobe is full but you have nothing to wear? ZERRIN staffer Durva challenged herself to change her relationship with her wardrobe, by wearing everything she hadn’t worn in months (and even years) for 30 days!