Sustainable Fashion Guides

ZERRIN’s sustainable fashion guides section makes understanding ethical fashion less complicated. From explainers on trends and terms to shopping recommendations, you can find what you need in our handy sustainable fashion guides section!

Wardrobe/closet organizing app

Rewear on repeat with these 5 digital wardrobe apps

Need a cure for I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome? Cue: digital wardrobe apps that help you catalogue your…

capsule closet challenge outfits

A non-minimalist guide to building a capsule wardrobe

45 outfits from 13 pieces? We did it, and you can do it too! And yes, even if you’re not a minimalist with a monochrome wardrobe.

Greenwashing is a common tactic fast fashion brands such as H&M use to appear more sustainable than they are

How to spot greenwashing in fashion

Greenwashing in fashion is a complete minefield, especially if you’re new to the sustainability space. Read on to discover more about the phenomenon and how to spot it.

Women wearing DO Good Swimwear sustainable bikinis at the beach

‘Seas the day’ in these sustainable swimwear brands

Swimwear is one of the hardest garments to produce in a greener way but luckily, thanks to innovations in the textile industry, more and more eco-conscious options are becoming available.

Woman holding up her hands in Colorful Standard sustainable sunglasses

Peep this: stylish and sustainable sunglasses brands

Combining ethics and aesthetics, these eyewear brands use earth-friendly materials like cork, bamboo and bio-acetate as an alternative to plastic.

fashion waste problem too many clothes

How can we fix fashion waste and solve throwaway culture?

News flash: There’s an alarming amount of fashion waste pilling on in landfills, incinerated or…

the nude label sustainable lingerie

A not-so-brief guide to sustainable underwear brands

Whether you’re into demure or sexy styles, seamless or lacy, separates or matching sets, there’s definitely a sustainable underwear brand in here for you.

sustainable fashion misconceptions

12 misconceptions about the sustainable fashion movement—discussed

We’re debunking myths and issues surrounding the conscious fashion movement so you can feel more empowered to create a greener wardrobe—on your terms.

is bamboo sustainable

WTF: What The Fabric! Just how sustainable is bamboo?

Given the fact that some green claims associated with bamboo have caused debate, is it really the miracle plant many claim it to be? Just how sustainable is bamboo fabric? 

One Puram

Sustainable resortwear brands you’ll live in beyond summer

There always comes a time of year that we can’t wait to unwind and relax,…