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Where to score the best vintage fashion in Singapore

Want to quit fast-fashion? Shopping sustainably doesn’t just mean buying vegan or organic clothing. There…

Designer Hanifa's digital runway presentation has our minds blown

11 radical ways to rethink the fashion industry

Fashion needs to clean up its act. But how? Here’s 11 ways we believe the fashion industry can shift towards a more responsible, sustainable future.

Reformation CEO steps down due to ex-employee's experience of systemic racism

The Round Up: Unilever creates dedicated climate fund, Reformation’s CEO steps down & more

This week, Unilever invests big in climate action, Reformation’s CEO officially steps down and guess which two footwear companies are developing the lowest ever carbon footprint sports shoe.

WTF: What The Fabric! Cotton Explained

Cotton is popular for all the right reasons — it’s breathable, lightweight and natural, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact the planet and its people. Read more about sustainable fashion’s favourite fabric.

5 Ways Emerging Fashion Brands Are Adapting To Covid-19

With the world turned upside down by Covid-19, how are small fashion brands handling the crisis?

Good Krama face masks reusable leftover fabric

10 brands making reusable face masks and a difference!

If you’re looking for reusable face masks with flair, try out any of these independent brands getting creative and zero-waste with their styles.

Boohoo flaunts social distancing as workers are forced to work during lockdown

The Round Up: Boohoo flouts rules, antiviral fabric and beauty gets smart!

This week, Boohoo flouts government regulations and Covid-19 continues to affect brands.

The Round Up: Factory Workers Plight, Fashion Takes Action

The Round-Up is ZERRIN’s weekly sustainable, fashion and beauty news digest. This week, learn about how garment factory workers struggle during this crisis.

The Round-Up is ZERRIN’s weekly news digest on the world of sustainability, fashion and beauty, keeping you updated with all the latest updates worldwide.

The Round Up: LVMH makes hand sanitiser, H&M news & more

The Round-Up is ZERRIN’s weekly news digest on the world of sustainability, fashion and beauty.…

Naomi Bailey-Cooper talks about creating non-synthetic alternatives to animal products

Naomi Bailey-Cooper: Championing fashion that does no harm

In the world of fashion, ethics should matter just as much as aesthetics. Beyond sustainable…