It's time to detox your wardrobe for 2020 - and beyond

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Laura Francois on redefining the future of fashion

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How to detox your wardrobe in 2020 — and beyond

Hi there. It's time to ditch your toxic relationship with fashion, rediscover your wardrobe and fall back in love with your clothes.

Laura Francois: On fashion's impact & designing for change

Thanks to the growing global wave of awareness in 2019 about the garment industry's impact on our planet, it’s now no secret that fashion's future has to be a sustainable one. We chat to entrepreneur Laura Francois to discuss where solutions might lie.

What's next for the sustainable fashion movement in 2020?

If 2019 was the year sustainability in fashion became mainstream, will 2020 be the year the industry takes action? We recap the year and consider what's next for the movement. 

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