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Refresh your wardrobe with timeless styles from these sustainable linen wear brands

Refresh your wardrobe with timeless styles from these sustainable linen wear brands

Planning to construct the perfect summer wardrobe with eco-friendly linen clothing? With the weather becoming warmer, most will cast aside their thick clothes for something more breathable in the stifling heat.

As the quintessential material of summer, it is a lightweight and natural fabric that can keep you feeling cool through warm days. Regardless of what you pair your linen pieces with, it effortlessly gives off an elegant yet carefree vibe. 

Not only is it biodegradable but also it can come in a variety of styles and natural colours. Linen, unlike cotton, can last up to three decades if properly cared for. It is naturally moth-resistant and can withstand high temperatures (ideal for lounging at the beach!). Furthermore, linen is among the world’s oldest fibres, stretching back to 8000 BC. The best part? The more you wash your linen, the more absorbent and softer it becomes.

Here are some of the best sustainable linen wear brands that you should consider if you are looking for environmentally friendly yet long-lasting clothes for the summer heat. 

Summery The Label 

Summery The Label creates trans-seasonal linen wear collections that are both classic and cosy. This Singapore-based linen brand delivers timeless classics made ethically from luxurious linen, ideal for everyday use. The garments in its collections are predominately made from linen, which is unquestionably one of the least harmful textiles accessible. Additionally, this locally produced slow fashion label offers pieces in many styles such as shirts, skirts, shorts and dresses (so many options to choose from!)

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Featuring extended size ranges, Linenfox culminated from the idea of creating affordable yet long-lasting clothing for women who sought quality. The label presents oversized fits for garments that are available in three sizes, whereas those in five sizes are true-to-size. Each piece uses OEKO-TEX® certified linen sourced locally from Lithuania. Instead of wasting fabric in their production process, Linenfox repurposes them into scrunchies, fabric samples and experimental fabric pieces. Most importantly, the label prioritises being a positive change in the fashion industry by implementing sustainable solutions within its system. 

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Sand Snow Linen 

This Lithuanian fashion label creates eco-friendly linen apparel and homeware from 100% European linen. Instead of having ready-to-ship items, Sand Snow Linen creates linen items right after the order is placed. Additionally, the brand opted out of stocking up with linen goods, as they could be easily wasted if not purchased by customers. Through its amazing team of dedicated seamstresses, consumers can expect high-quality and breathable handmade linen pieces.

The brand believes that anyone can choose to live sustainably in clearness, style and simplicity. 

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Love Linen

Stemming from a passion for creating local Australian sustainable linen clothing, Love Linen was established. Quality over quantity is important to this sustainable fashion brand, which wants to support local artisans and utilise natural materials like linen. 

Proudly accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, it also supports fair wages and working conditions for its local makers, especially in an industry that often exploits human labour. By honouring the makers, they believe that it also honours the wearer. Furthermore, Love Linen produces limited quantities of its designs, which are made with carefully selected quality European linen fabric, due to its incredible manufacturer’s short production runs.

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Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic is an ethical fashion label featuring linen as well as many other eco-fabrics like lyocell, Tencel and non-mulesed wool. Since its launch in 2008, the sustainable label has been creating modern yet mindful clothing for the modern woman. To decrease its environmental impact, a large percentage of garments are produced by suppliers located within close proximity to Braga, Portugal. Beaumont Organic has since utilised a Portuguese warehouse to further reduce its carbon footprint. 

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Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher, an American designer, launched her namesake womenswear label in 1984, with four simple styles in linen. Since 2021, the sustainable apparel brand has implemented more inclusive sizing, with every design available in sizes XXS through 3X. Eileen’s brand carries eco-friendly yet flattering pieces by using natural materials that are regenerative, renewable and recyclable. Focused on encouraging circularity, Eileen has successfully created a dynamic community of conscious consumers and artisan makers. 

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Neu Nomads

A sustainable womenswear company, Neu Nomads introduces luxurious women’s clothing at reasonable prices. Neu Nomads presents many vegan-friendly designs in natural linen, cotton jersey and Tencel. 

As an ethical brand, it is committed to sourcing materials that are breathable, lightweight, and washable from natural, renewable resources. Since 2017, the linen has been responsibly sourced and manufactured in a Lithuanian factory that only uses green energy. Its linen collection includes items suitable for an outdoor picnic or simply lounging around the house.

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Linenbee is a Latvian mother-daughter team that specialises in handcrafted ethical linen pieces. What distinguishes this sustainable linen wear brand from others is the way it honours and caters to various body shapes. Linenbee can create a garment for you based on your exact body measurements and desired modifications.

Moreover, the brand only uses 100% pure linen locally grown from flax in Europe, making it fully biodegradable and less harmful to the environment. 

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Vivid Linen

Since 2002, Vivid Linen offers a wide range of garments for people from all walks of life. Using only all-natural materials in the production of its pieces, the brand prides itself on creating clothes that have high-quality craftsmanship. 

It continues to produce stylish but sustainable linen clothing in limited quantities, with a conscious emphasis on quality over quantity.

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Linen Handmade Studio

Linen Handmade Studio makes ethical linen wear from pure linen that is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. Laura founded the brand with a small team of seamstresses in a studio near her home, inspired to capture the beauty in all of her summer chasing looks. 

With all of their products made from natural linen, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to adding new pieces to your wardrobe. Tops, skirts, pants, jackets, and shorts are all made to order, so there is no overproduction of clothing at Linen Handmade Studio.

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Pyne & Smith

Dresses made by Pyne & Smith are made from 100% fine European flax linen. Its breathable and hypoallergenic linen pieces feature exclusive patterns and colours designed exclusively for the brand. 

Pyne & Pyne & Smith takes pride in producing its dresses in small batches to avoid overproduction. The fabric sourced in a flax field in Europe is flown to its cutter in Southern California where the dresses are cut and bundled ready for sewing. Scraps are collected and sent to a local textile recycling centre to be repurposed into car and aeroplane seat covers in order to reduce production waste.

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Sotela is an eco-conscious fashion brand that celebrates age, gender, race, and size in order to promote radical inclusivity. It makes extensive use of eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic linen, in the production of its garments. Hanna founded Sotela in order to create an ethical and inclusive clothing label that adapts to the constant change in our bodies.

With its made-to-order production, Sotela manufactures its garments locally in Los Angeles to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise textile wastage. Furthermore, having in-house production gives the brand the freedom to customise each garment while still ensuring fair labour practices.

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Poplinen is a fashion brand that celebrates the female figure in all its shapes and sizes, championing women worldwide through inclusivity and sustainability. Made locally in Downtown Los Angeles, the brand uses premium, high-quality materials like organic linen, bamboo, Tencel and certified organic cotton. Poplinen employs environmentally friendly practices such as compostable packaging and items shipped in recycled materials. All clothing is made from eco-friendly materials such as organic and plant-based fabrics.

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