Levi’s launches denim repairs in Singapore

With the addition of Levi's® Tailor Shop in their new flagship store ION Orchard, consumers are encouraged to repair and redesign their favourite denim pieces.

Levi’s has unveiled a new 3,400 square foot Singapore flagship store in ION Orchard, its largest outlet in Southeast Asia.

Not only does the space showcase Levi’s apparel and premium product lines—including their Vintage Clothing and Made & Crafted ranges—it also houses Levi’s Tailor Shop, a new experience enabling you to personalise or repair your favourite Levi’s denim or clothing pieces.

The service menu offers basic alterations like repairing hems or patching holes, to customisation like fraying, embroidery or panelling. Prices range from $2 to repair a belt loop, up to $20 for patching or darning a hole. To note: you can only use these services on Levi’s brand products.  

Levi's® Tailor Shop located at the ION Orchard outlet in Singapore
Levi’s Tailor Shop located at the ION Orchard Levi’s outlet in Singapore

Embracing the circular economy

In Singapore where the concept of sustainable fashion is just gaining traction, circular initiatives from mainstream brands like Levi’s are important to shift consumer attitudes toward caring for clothes. Committed to making better clothes, Levi’s has several sustainability initiatives with this purpose in mind. Some of these initiatives encourage consumers to be more conscious shoppers, whereas others focus on the company’s own resource consumption.

Through the addition of repairs, the stores help to reduce fashion waste and overconsumption by presenting an innovative space for customers to repair clothes or tailor their denim jeans rather than throwing them away. By doing so, Levi’s hopes to drive a more circular economy,

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“Singapore is a key market for us,” said Nuholt Huisamen, Managing Director and Senior Vice President, East Asia Pacific, Levi Strauss & Co. “The new ION Orchard store brings to life our commitment towards creating elevated brand experiences for our consumers.”

The Levi’s Tailor Shop can be found at the brand’s flagship store in B2-23/24 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn.

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