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Work up a sweat in these conscious activewear brands

Work up a sweat in these conscious activewear brands

  • Did you know that conventional activewear is primarily made from virgin synthetic fabrics?
  • If you're looking for an alternative, here's a comprehensive list of quality sustainable activewear brands.
Sustainable activewear fashion brands, Wild About

Do your new year’s resolutions always include working out more? Perhaps you’re looking to update your athleisure, and you want to be more conscious about the designs you’re purchasing. Rightfully so, since conventional activewear is made primarily from synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon which release microplastics into our oceans and won’t biodegrade in landfills. Today, environmentally conscious brands are looking to greener fabrics and methods of production in order to make sustainable activewear that’s not just durable, but more eco-friendly. 

Read on for a comprehensive list of brands that offer sustainable activewear; from minimalistic neutral designs to bright and bold patterns, for any activity from yoga to hiking outdoors. You are bound to find something that suits you! And if you’re new to sustainable fashion and these terms confuse you, we’ve got you covered, here is a list of sustainable fashion terms!

Luxury athleisure and wellness label, Wild About

1. Wild About

Wild About is a luxury athleisure and wellness label that offers pieces that are ethically manufactured by hand. Founded by Trisha and Olivia, the sustainable brand works with local artisans to create collections that inspire individuals to discover their purpose in life.

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Activewear made out of recycled fabrics, Kynd Activewear

2. Kynd Activewear

Based in Singapore, Kynd Activewear creates fashionable and classic athleisure clothing using recycled plastic from waste materials like fishing nets. In order to reduce environmental waste, its collections are produced in small quantities in Bali. As part of their dedication to conscious fashion, Kynd also advocates for fair pay and ethical working conditions.

Website | Instagram


Sustainable activewear recycled fabrics, Outfyt

3. Outfyt

Outfyt is a home-grown brand that incorporates sustainable materials, such as ECONYL regenerated nylon, with technology to make pieces that fight against fading and hold their shape wear after wear, to ensure that their designs can last 10 times longer than normal activewear. On top of that, they produce only in small batches in order to keep their production process low-waste, and your products the highest quality.

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Size-inclusive activewear label, Girlfriend Collective

4. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective was founded with the goal to be as transparent as possible, and they deliver on their promise by disclosing every part of their production process. Their designs are made of soft, recycled yarn that eliminates the need for petroleum and diverts water bottles from landfills at the same time, so you can feel good in your pieces. Bonus: not only is their range size-inclusive (offering sizes XXS to 6XL), they also offer a maternity line! To ship to Singapore, shop on Net-a-Porter.

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Athleisure apparel made up of natural fibres like certified organic cotton and recycled synthetics, Everlane

5. Everlane

Well-known sustainable brand Everlane has created their own activewear line with timeless, classic pieces. They carefully consider their materials and production partners to ensure an ethical and sustainable supply chain that creates high-quality, low-impact, long-lasting products. On top of using natural fibres like certified organic cotton, they also use recycled synthetics to improve on the performance and durability of their designs, so your pieces are sure to be meaningful designs made to last.

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Malaysian sustainable activewear fashion brand, Terrae

6. Terrae

Malaysian brand Terrae carefully considers the four P’s when creating their brand: planet, people, partnerships, and products. Their activewear is thus made with ECONYLregenerated nylon, which is a recycled fibre, to promise not only sustainability, but long-lasting high-performance products as well. They also design their pieces with real bodies in mind, so you can both look and feel good in your activewear.

Website | Instagram


Athleisure brand from Hong Kong, Rising Lotus

7. Rising Lotus 

Rising Lotus is an athleisure brand from Hong Kong that is inspired from the lotus flower, which encapsulates growth and beauty. The brand practises what they preach, since they went from having 20% of products being made from recycled fabrics, to now 80%, and the percentage is continuing to increase. They use a recycled polyester made of post-consumer recycled plastics, the majority of which are plastic bottles, and they also apply the same eco-friendly mindset to their packaging, which is 100% biodegradable.

Website | Instagram


Sustainable activewear fashion label that is inspired by Hindu and Pakistani roots, Wolven

8. Wolven

Wolven is a brand that aims to empower differences — be it in shapes, sizes, cultures, or identities — as sustainably as possible. The founders draw inspiration from their Hindu and Pakistani roots to create the brand’s signature colourful patterns. Their recycled fabric emits 79% less carbon emissions than its virgin counterparts, and their cellulose fiber is derived from beechwood pulp that’s twice as soft as cotton, so your activewear is bound to be incredibly comfortable. 

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Vibrant Thai sustainable activewear brand, Flexi Levi

9. Flexi Lexi

Thai sustainable activewear brand Flexi Lexi is characterised by their bright and fun designs. One entire outfit from the brand is made from approximately 35 post-consumer plastic bottles, which not only keeps waste out of landfills, but also uses them to produce tough and sustainable fabrics at the same time. As a family-focused brand, they also make pieces for expecting mothers and children.

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Australian slow fashion brand that specialises in ethical and inclusive activewear, dk active

10. dk active

dk active is an Australian slow fashion brand that specialises in ethical and inclusive activewear. Their entire production process is done in their solar-powered headquarters, from designing to manufacturing to distribution, in order to reduce their ‘clothing kilometres’, which is a measure of the distance accumulated by transporting fabrics, textiles, and garments, to virtually zero. They also use high-quality sustainable textiles, such as regenerated nylon and bamboo, resulting in comfortable and lasting designs.

Website | Instagram


Functional and breathable activewear apparel, Prana

11. Prana

PrAna aims to create fun, functional apparel that still allows you to flex your adventurous spirit without negatively impacting the environment. Their fabric is made of hemp, which doesn’t require any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. which is thus safer for the farmers that grow it as well as the land it’s grown on. Hemp is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for activewear, and it is also blended with other materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and spandex, making it extra durable.

Website | Instagram


British-based activewear brand, Contur

12. Contur

A proud British brand that champions their local textile industry, Contur produces every item from their London site at the hand of skilled designers and seamstresses. Because they use ECONYL regenerated nylon for their fabric, their items are flexible, well-supported and conform naturally to any body shape. Furthermore, they use a UK social enterprise factory that is committed to running academies to equip local people with skills to improve their employability and paying fair wages. Their sleek patterns and vivid colourways are not only high-quality, but also sustainable and ethical. 

Website | Instagram


Sustainable outdoor apparel, Patagonia

13. Patagonia

Patagonia is a leader in sustainable outdoor apparel. They create high-quality long-lasting products from a range of materials from recycled fishing nets to 100% organic cotton. The brand prioritises durability, knowing that it is the more eco-friendly option which generates less waste, but even then, their Worn Wear program allows customers to trade, fix, and buy used Patagonia gear. On top of that, they also contribute 1% of sales to grassroot environmental groups that support the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. 

Website | Instagram


Athleisure made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, Nimble Activewear

14. Nimble Activewear

Nimble is an Australian brand founded by two friends that aims to create quality sustainable activewear which not only feels great, but also builds a community. They make use of their signature COMPRESSLITE™ and MOVELITE fabrics, made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and they also knit their fabrics and manufacture within an 80km radius, helping to reduce wastage, packaging and transport. They have recycled more than a million plastic bottles to date, an impressive feat!

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