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Where to score the best vintage fashion in Singapore

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WTF: What The Fabric! Cotton Explained

Cotton is popular for all the right reasons — it’s breathable, lightweight and natural, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact the planet and its people. Read more about sustainable fashion’s favourite fabric.

5 Ways Emerging Fashion Brands Are Adapting To Covid-19

With the world turned upside down by Covid-19, how are small fashion brands handling the crisis?

Naomi Bailey-Cooper talks about creating non-synthetic alternatives to animal products
Naomi Bailey-Cooper: Championing fashion that does no harm

In the world of fashion, ethics should matter just as much as aesthetics. Beyond sustainable…

Fashion Revolution Week 2020
Breaking Down Fashion Revolution’s Transparency Index 2020

The fashion industry is notoriously known for being one of the most polluting industries on…

Covid 19 is disrupting business
The Round Up: Covid-19 Reduces Emissions & More

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The Environmental Cost of Free Shipping

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Jeff Bezos donates for climate crisis
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Future fabrics expo featuring sustainable materials
This is the future of sustainable materials in fashion

Future Fabrics Expo is the world’s largest sustainable fabrics showcase of sustainable materials made from recycled plastics, food and agriculture wastes.

Washing synthetics release hundreds of thousands of microplastics into ocean every wash
Fashion’s Not So Micro Problem: Microplastics

Did you know that synthetic textiles are one of the biggest sources of microplastics in our oceans? Read about fashion’s hidden impact on our oceans.