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Watch: This upcycled fashion brand reinvents traditional kimonos

Watch: This upcycled fashion brand reinvents traditional kimonos

Ian Sam, co-founder of Syne, cuts a kimono pattern in their studio

Fusing cultural traditions and contemporary design, meet the creative duo behind one of Singapore’s up-and-coming upcycled fashion brands

Consider this mind-blowing statistic: the fashion industry churns out between 80 and 100 billion new garments every year. A recent report by ThredUp states that during the same period, we’re generating over 92 million tons of textile waste. In Singapore, where ZERRIN HQ is located, we generated over 254,000 tonnes of textile waste in 2023. Shockingly, we only recycled 2% of it! That’s a significant amount of items we’ve grown tired of, presenting an even bigger opportunity for them to be recirculated to new homes. Putting a unique spin on tackling this issue is Syne, a label salvaging and reworking unwanted fabrics.

Upcycling fashion, reducing waste

Carving out a niche for themselves, Syne began their journey upcycling kimonos sourced from Japan. Their team then reworks the fabrics, infusing them with a contemporary spin through modern styling. As Syne has expanded, they seek out other surplus or unwanted materials within Singapore to create cool upcycled garments and accessories.

Discover the journey of co-founders Ian Sam and Eshton Chua. Both of them are former fashion industry professionals, previously working with fast fashion brands before coming together to launch their label. One of the first upcycled fashion brands in Singapore, Syne has grown from strength to strength.

From how they source fabric to inspiring customers with styling inspiration, the co-founders share the behind the scenes of running their brand. We also discuss mindsets surrounding sustainable fashion in Singapore and where they feel the movement needs to go.

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This video is part of ZERRIN’s State of Sustainable fashion in Singapore series. Watch the full documentary here, and subscribe for updates on future videos released throughout April 2024! 

Upcycled fashion in Singapore by Syne. Ian Sam, co-founder of Syne, cuts a kimono pattern in their studio

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