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The Lounge by ZERRIN: Singapore’s sustainable pop-up experience

The Lounge by ZERRIN: Singapore’s sustainable pop-up experience

Sustainable fashion pop up The Lounge by ZERRIN is extended until March 31 in Singapore

The Lounge was ZERRIN’s first pop-up experience turned permanent store, which brought together the most talented, ethical brands and designers from around South-East Asia. Our store at Marina One is now closed, and our current festive pop up is happening at 01-14 Anchorpoint until 31 December 2023. Read on for more about our pop up stores and what they represents.

Finally, a pop-up event where style meets sustainability! We launched The Lounge by ZERRIN back in 2019, Singapore’s first-ever pop-up event bringing together vetted ethical labels from Asia. It brings together a collective of independent sustainable fashion and beauty brands, people and ideas redefining what we wear today. Over 3500 customers, twenty events, a dozen workshops and after launching a permanent store, we’re sharing more about why we created this and what it stands for.

Sustainable fashion pop up The Lounge by ZERRIN is extended until March 31 in Singapore

A media hub and marketplace, ZERRIN is on a mission to raise awareness of up-and-coming brands, trailblazers and innovations pioneering a more mindful retail industry. In case you were wondering, the word ‘ZERRIN’ means ‘Golden.’ It represents our desire to be a beacon of change, plus our upbeat vision for the future of the fashion industry; one that champions creativity, inclusivity and transparency in equal measures.

As part of our series of offline experiences, we launched The Lounge by ZERRIN. This roving experiential concept store reflects our key goals:

  1. Empowering and connecting emerging sustainable designers and labels from South-East Asia.
  2. To make it easier for you to discover the world’s best ethical brands with beautiful quality products.
  3. Sparking meaningful, progressive conversations around sustainability and all its nuances.

The Lounge by ZERRIN, a sustainable pop-up concept storeArtistic handcrafted tassel earrings by Talee

Empower & inspire communities, spark conversations

Held on the scenic second floor of The Social Space cafe, Marina One — a socially conscious cafe chain promoting inclusive employment — The Lounge brings together 30 emerging sustainable fashion, jewellery and natural beauty labels under one roof, with countries of origin including Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Canada and more.

The Lounge by ZERRIN, a sustainable pop-up concept storeClean skincare rooted in science from Luxe Botanics

At ZERRIN, we curate each of our partner brands to maximise their design-led appeal and their social or environmental credentials. From considered fabrics to vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, each company’s values play a decisive part in our curation. From block printed designs that empower disadvantaged adults in Jaipur to skincare ingredients ethically sourced from Brazil and Africa, each of our partner labels has a meaningful impact and The Lounge pop-up enabled us to become storytellers, sharing about each brand’s origins with customers face to face.

We’re always thrilled to give our online community the chance to touch, feel and experience the world of ZERRIN first-hand. And also just ecstatic to meet so many of you in person!

The Lounge by ZERRIN, a sustainable pop-up concept store

ZERRIN founder Susannah Jaffer with blogger Justine de Jesus

The Lounge by ZERRIN, a sustainable pop-up concept storeAfter our second Behind the Brand talk with the founders of RE:ERTH, Alcheme & Luxe Botanics 

Connecting brands and communities

Our pop-up store also gives us the opportunity to bring the founders of many of our brand’s and customers together through panel talks, hands-on workshops and networking events. We hold multiple webinars and Behind the Brand panel talks, where local and internationally based business owners shared their entrepreneurial journeys, wins and challenges of building an ethically-minded company.

The Lounge by ZERRIN, live discussions and talksAt our first Behind the Brand panel talk with the founders of Ashepa, Maisha Concept & Label Ishana

From learning about the nuances of working with artisan partners to the business of clean beauty, attendees included a diverse community of curious ZERRIN shoppers and readers to aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate career switchers (some even interested in launching their own responsible business!)

We also host multiple workshops, like with artist Vicky Harris and shoemaker Lisa Teng, both with the goal of encouraging our community to unplug, unwind, slow down and do something creative.

The Lounge by ZERRIN, shopping consciouslyHappy ladies with their brand new espadrille shoes after Lisa Teng’s workshop!

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The Lounge by ZERRIN, workshopsAfter our illustration workshop with Vicky Harris

Learning something new every day at the Lounge

Above all, we’re proud that The Lounge by ZERRIN has created a space for people in Singapore to connect, get inspired and learn something new. We’ve seen so many new and existing customers walk into the store and fall in love with the unique designs. Moving past design, they were furthermore impressed with their positive impact. This goes to show style and sustainability can co-exist and go hand in hand.

So many of our conversations and interactions with you all inspired us too. It reflects the changing mindset of our society towards appealing and long-lasting products, rather than cheap and trend-driven. These interactions also increase awareness of ethics and responsible production as a whole.

The Lounge by ZERRIN, meet exciting ethical brandsBringing worlds together – Lorraine Lee, Talee and Rakhee Shah, Maisha Concept 

The future of sustainability discussions

Over the last few months, we’ve also used our media platform to introduce the latest news and editorials. These document and share our thoughts about the sustainable fashion and beauty industry. From entrepreneur interviews to opinion articles, we strive for conversation. We also dive into the industry’s problems and discuss the solutions introduced worldwide.

The Lounge by ZERRIN, talks and discussionsBehind the Brand Panel talk with Truth & All and Emi & Eve

The business of sustainability is continually evolving and expanding. And so will our efforts to introduce and share the new, niche and notable driving sustainable fashion, beauty and culture forward.

The Lounge by ZERRIN, now a permanent retail space at Marina One. More information here! 

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