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A growing list of sustainable fashion brands in Singapore

A growing list of sustainable fashion brands in Singapore

Find ethical brands from around the world on ZERRIN's directory

Looking for sustainable fashion in Singapore? From clothing to jewellery, we’ve curated the best in local labels—from unique clothing to jewellery—that combine ethics and aesthetics. And remember: becoming a more conscious consumer is all about making more meaningful choices. Progress over perfection.

We know how difficult it is to quit fast fashion. Despite learning about the impact of the industry and learning to love thrifting, swapping or renting, it can still be a struggle to resist cheap deals in high street stores. 

What we’ve discovered on the journey—and from so many inspiring entrepreneurs—is that we all have the power to create a more sustainable fashion industry. It all starts by rethinking our shopping habits and making better choices. In the now infamous words of designer Vivienne Westwood, we can buy less, choose well and make it last.

But if you’re looking to build a more conscious closet, where do you turn? Look no further than ZERRIN’s ultimate guide to sustainable fashion in Singapore. From workwear to loungewear, jewellery to activewear, we’ve done the legwork to curate the best in ethical brands locally that create eco-friendly clothing and accessories. And psst: if you’re looking for the biggest curation of sustainable fashion brands in South-East Asia, visit our online store (relaunching Feb ’23) and look out for pop up announcements on social media

Summery The Label creates timeless, modern designs inspired by the natural world and the freedom of travel.

1. Summery The Label

Summery The Label creates timeless, modern silhouettes inspired by the beauty of nature and the freedom of travel. Designed in 100% medium-weight linen, their debut collection is designed to be trans-seasonal and take you from day to night. Made ethically, these wardrobe staples are thoughtfully made with low-impact textiles.

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Nost is a ethical loungewear brand designed with artisanal prints


NOST is an artisan-made loungewear brand that features hand block printed motifs inspired by architecture. Each piece is made using GOTS certified organic cotton, ensuring both softness and durability. Their vibrant prints are designed with azo-free or natural plant-based dyes. The brand creates timeless designs that you can wear comfortably time and time again. 

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Lily & Lou is a sustainable fashion brand that makes everything in Singapore

3. Lily and Lou

Lily and Lou specialises in timeless, elegant silhouettes that are customisable. Their made-to-order model not only reduces waste, but also allows for personalisation, from fabrics to details. The brand digitizes many aspects of their workflow, such as creating the patterns for their designs using software and producing samples on a 3D rendering software. Thus, this helps the brand to save both time and material. 

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Wray Crafted is a slow fashion brand from Singapore and India that uses block printing

4. Wray Crafted

A newer sustainable fashion brand in Singapore, Wray Crafted’s designs celebrate the rich culture, heritage and artisan craft of India, such as block printing and Bandhani. The brand works hand in hand with local communities, particularly skilled artisans and family businesses. They believe in a small batch production model, in order to minimise waste and work on any feedback from their customers. 

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Sceona is an ethical jewellery brand that uses lab grown diamonds

5. Scéona

Scéona strives to create jewellery pieces that are beautiful inside and out. Their pieces are simple and dainty, made from recycled gold and cultured diamonds. They derive their 18kt solid gold from electronic waste and their lab-grown diamonds come without the negative ethical and sustainable impacts of mined diamonds. Additionally, every purchase goes towards providing drinking water and education to children of financially disadvantaged communities in Jaipur.

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Sui is a slow fashion brand from Singapore inspired by nature

6. Sui

Sui is a conscious sustainable fashion label based in Singapore and India. They aim to connect threads of nature with fashion by crafting with a green heart. To them, that means respect for both nature and the people who craft the clothing. As a brand that celebrates nature, their light and breezy designs feature many nature-inspired prints and elements. They also often collaborate with ethical NGOs and establishments, joining hands with underprivileged and small but mighty communities to create their designs. 

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Ashepa is a jewellery and lifestyle brand which creates contemporary pieces inspired by Africa.

7. Ashepa

Ashepa seeks to bring ‘Afroluxe’ to the world. The founder, who now lives in Singapore, was born and raised in Kenya. Thus, she was inspired to design pieces that showcase the unique artisanal craft skills from Africa. She works directly with a small team of artisans who handcraft each piece, and collaborate with makers such as women from the Maasai tribe. Their jewellery bring a splice of the vast array of tribal culture, distinctive soulful crafts and wealth of artistry within Africa. 

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Paradigm Shift makes well-thought out sustainable designs with natural fabrics

8. Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift was born out of a desire to cause just that—a paradigm shift—in fashion. The brand is intentional with creating well thought out pieces instead of jumping onto trends. By using only natural fabric, they seek to reduce the use and disposal of synthetics. This also results in long-lasting wardrobe essentials that are timeless, of quality, and comfortable to be in. Their values are rooted in quality, inclusivity, respect, and dignity. What’s more, they come at an affordable price point!

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Eden+Elie handmakes intricate beaded jewellery from Singapore

9. Eden+Elie

Eden+Elie specialises in intricate handmade beaded jewellery. The brand uses hand weaving techniques to create functional, wearable pieces with a modern contemporary twist. They train and partner with artisans who make the jewelry. Every piece is handmade in Singapore, and no two pieces are exactly alike.

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Gypsied is a Singaporean label that makes clothes from Batik

10. Gypsied

Gypsied breathes new life into batik and handwoven textiles in their designs. They work with communities in South East Asia, such as textile artisans, cooperatives, and expert craftsmen, to support the region’s collective heritage. The batik they use are hand-drawn, naturally dyed and hand-stamped. Additionally, they also only source biodegradable and naturally-dyed materials so that the product can go back to the soil.

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Esse makes elevated classics and timeless pieces in Singapore

11. Esse

Esse was born out of a desire to redefine the way we approach fashion. They create elevated classics and timeless designs with environmental and social responsibility in mind. This results in thoughtfully made investment pieces. They launch small capsules instead of big seasonal collections to prevent wastage and excess inventory. They also give back to the community, through working with a number of charities and environmental conservation initiatives.

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Ethical brand Maisha Concept is a globally inspired fashion and lifestyle label for the woman who loves prints, travel & culture.

12. Maisha Concept

Maisha Concept is a sustainable fashion brand based in Singapore for the woman who loves prints, travel and culture. Meaning “giving life” in Swahili, Maisha’s contemporary designs aim to resurrect the culture, heritage and skill of local artisans and textile manufacturers across the globe. Their rich, vibrant designs are thus handcrafted by local artisans using traditional craftsmanship and techniques.  

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Outfyt is a Singapore based athleisure activewear label made from nylon

13. Outfyt

Outfyt is a sustainable activewear brand. Their pieces are designed with a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality. Their designs are produced in small batches and created from ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon. That is, recovered nylon waste. Not only do their products remove waste from the ocean, 1% of all proceeds also go to the charity Healthy Seas, which works towards just that—healthy seas.

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Bare Label designs highly versatile pieces for Singapore's weather

14. Bare Label

Bare Label designs investment pieces that are highly versatile and resilient. Designed and made in Singapore, their clothes transcend trends and styles, made to be mainstays in your wardrobe for years. They only produce with controlled runs optimised to meet demand and not more. The brand considers Singapore’s climate while designing, so every piece is made to feel and look cool in the hot, humid weather. 

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Dear Samfu brings back nostalgic traditional Chinese silhouettes

15. Dear Samfu

Dear Samfu aims to bring Grandma’s values of thoughtfulness and sustainability back into style. The brand reimagines traditional silhouettes and designs for the contemporary woman’s wardrobe. Every piece is made to last through both seasons and wears. They work with remnant fabric to reduce textile waste, and manufacture in a family run factory in Bangkok. Their clothes are designed for maximum comfort for the tropical heat, ease of movement, and modesty as well. 

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OliveAnkara combines modern designs with traditional African Ankara prints

16. OliveAnkara

OliveAnkara combines traditional African prints and modern silhouettes. All their designs are made ethically by six women here in Singapore. The brand sources traditional fabric from Nigeria with the help of the designer’s family members. As a slow fashion brand, they prioritise quality and design over quantity and trends. They also adopt a zero waste mindset, and any leftover fabric goes into making kidswear and accessories. 

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Weekend Sundries produces timeless elevated basics from low impact materials

17. Weekend Sundries

Weekend Sundries produces elevated timeless designs. Their pieces are simple but bright and cheery and cater to a conscious way of living. They use low impact materials with natural, eco-friendly fabrics. The brand also produces in-house limited edition textile prints that are often inspired by local and familiar narratives.

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Our Barehands support small artisanal communities which produce their ethical designs

18. Our Barehands

Our Barehands is committed to building strong and sustainable communities over time. Thus, the social enterprise partners with small-producing artisans and communities worldwide to produce unique lifestyle pieces. On top of adopting a made-to-order business model, they also use recycled, upcycled, plant-based and/or biodegradable materials.

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Hide the Label makes vivid prints in effortless styles perfect for work

19. Hide the Label

Hide the Label creates effortless silhouettes that fit well, last long, and can be worn by every woman, every season for every occasion. Their designs incorporate vivid prints for a wardrobe that has longevity and wearability. Their printing process is also water-free. That means that it not only minimises the use of water, but also wastewater!

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Su by Hand designs sustainable luxury clothes with plant dyes

20. Su by Hand

Su by Hand focuses on premium silk, cotton, and Tencel. As a slow-fashion label, each piece is crafted with attention to quality and comfort in premium fabrication.  From plant dyes to artisanal craft, all styles are available on a small-batch or make-to-order basis only. Nature and emotions inspire Su By Hand’s aesthetic, while their core values encompass honesty, inclusivity, aesthetics and sustainability.

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Sustainable fashion brand in Singapore The Tangerine Road

21. The Tangerine Road

The Tangerine Road draws inspiration from the ancient silk road. It is thus no surprise that travelling plays a big part in this Singaporean sustainable fashion brand’s collections. Their designs incorporate the vivid cultures and heritages of Asia with the Italian flair for tailoring and classic aesthetics. The brand uses only end of stock silk, and they do so by producing small-batch capsule collections.

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Source Collections designs minimal, premium quality basics

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22. SOURCE Collections

As a Singaporean sustainable fashion brand, SOURCE Collection’s mission is to create minimal, beautiful, premium quality products accessible to everyone. They specialise in everyday tops and undergarments for both men and women. The brand is transparent about the factories they work with, and aim to continue improving one step at a time in all aspects, which also includes sustainability. 

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Pyar designs jewellery from recycled silver and brass from Singapore

23. Pyar

Pyar is a jewellery line designed in Singapore and handmade by artisans in Bali. The brand works exclusively with recycled silver and brass, designing with longevity in mind. They take inspiration from treasured moments of stillness, rhythms of nature, and human connection. Pyar focuses on love as a core theme which also extends to their ethical production. The brand is sexy, feminine, and designed for the bohemian at heart.

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Sans Faff specialises in simple sustainable basics


As a sustainable fashion brand in Singapore, SANS FAFF stands for conscious consumption, simplicity in design as well as doing more with less. Specialising in simple basics to serve as the foundation for all wardrobes, they use bamboo fibre in their designs. The label also runs on a zero plastic policy and 1% of their profits goes towards environmental non-profit organisations. 

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BabeCave Batik supports small artisans by creating modern silhouettes from traditional batik

25. BabeCave Batik

BabeCave Batik is a modern batik clothing label that creates chic, wearable designs that ooze nostalgia and vintage undertones. The brand supports artisans and small businesses who source their traditional batik fabric. The collections are then designed and produced in-house in Singapore. This results in small batches of beautifully crafted tops in modern silhouettes showcasing traditional prints.

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Whispers & Anarchy makes flowy designs from a family-run factory in Bali

26. Whispers & Anarchy

Whispers & Anarchy is a Singapore ethical fashion brand that brings together Spanish heritage and South East Asian lifestyle. All their fabrics and trims are locally sourced and come from natural sources. The brand partners with a family-run workshop in Bali where they produce their full volume silhouettes and pretty ruffles. Expect to find flowy, easy to wear, comfortable and versatile styles that can be dressed up or down. 

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Artisan & Fox partners with artisans to make ethical jewellery and accessories

27. Artisan & Fox

Artisan & Fox is a curated marketplace for clothing, accessories, and home goods. The brand collaborates with artisans, non-profits, and social enterprises who use locally sourced and reclaimed materials, helping them expand their micro-enterprises. They do so by paying their artisans 50% of gross profits from each sale.

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Indosole makes sustainable flip flops and slides from rubber tyres

28. Indosole

A certified B Corp, Indosole repurposes rubber tyres into shoes. They source their tyres from landfills, mechanic garages, and gutters from Indonesia. So far, they have saved 80,000 tyres from landfills! Since they’re made of tyres, their flip flops and slides similarly feature grip and durability.

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aNERDstore is a design house in Singapore using batik

29. aNERDstore

aNERDstore is an art platform specialising in textile arts with a focus on Indonesian batik and tenun from both emerging and established artists. The brand seeks to preserve the heritage by promoting the reinvention and evolution of Batik in modern everyday lives to preserve its relevance. Their designs also provide a sustainable source of income for the artisans In Indonesia.

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muta.wear is a zero waste label that designs from reclaimed fabric waste

30. muta.wear

muta.wear is a zero-waste slow-fashion label. They focus on upcycling textile waste from post-consumer sources, designing accessories and clothes. The brand does this through experimental reconstruction and exploring old-school slow fashion artisanal techniques. 

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Tessellate.Co sustainable jewelry brand Singapore

31. Tessellate.Co

Tessellate.Co is a jewelry brand with a focus on authentic, quality gemstones. To work towards a more sustainable future, Tessellate.Co has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions and practice slow fashion. They stopped continuous product releases and instead they started to create classic pieces that can withstand daily wear for years to come. Tessellate.Co cross checks all of their suppliers to maintain an ethical supply chain. They also offer bespoke services so you can create your own unique and cherishable pieces.

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Graye Studio sustainable fashion brand Singapore

32. Graye Studio

Ready-to-wear clothing label, Graye Studio specializes in more unisex clothing, seeking to portray balance and sustainable fashion concepts in their pieces.  Advocating a modern zen lifestyle, their pieces combine eastern and western elements in minimalist designs. All Graye Studio’s merchandise is designed in-house, with quality and timeless style. They use fabrics such as cotton, linen, tencel, cupro, canvas cotton, and supima cotton and use regenerated fibres and upcycling practices.

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Somafolk sustainable fashion brand Singapore

33. Somafolk

Inspired by nature and the “ancient folk way of living,” Somafolk’s designs are simplistic yet earthy. A true slow fashion brand, their collection is limited to a few dresses and tote bags, all thoughtfully made in cotten, linen, silk, and hemp fabrics. They use natural dyes like indigo and kaki shibu (from persimmons), giving each piece a human touch. 

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