Our Story

ZERRIN is your gateway to creative brands, ideas and individuals who are redefining the fashion world.

We help you discover unique, beautiful designs from up and coming labels that you won't find on the high street, all of which are also sustainable, transparent and inclusive. 

We do it through: 

> Our Online Platform - Open 24/7!
> Curated Pop-Up Stores
> Events & Experiences 

Our 'Why'

From fashion's impact to plastic pollution, we're all at a different stage of waking up to the issues affecting our world and the need for us all to make better choices as citizens and consumers.

We're here to break it all down and be a helpful, savvy and stylish guide along the way. We believe you shouldn't have to choose between enjoying your lifestyle and doing good in the world. We can learn to do both, seamlessly. 

Our team source unique, well-made and planet friendly fashion and beauty brands for you to access in one place, while creating content to inspire your conscious journey. From responsible brands (head to our store) to guides, ideas and opinions on conscious living (visit our online magazine), we're here to help you discover how to shop and live better on your terms, without judgement or green shaming.  

Our Brands

We work with companies that take steps to minimise their social or environmental impact or help improve lives. Whether clothing or skincare, the selection process for our store starts with lots of research, meeting brands and trying out their products and claims for ourselves (with a lot of serious fun had in the process!) 

Anything that makes it onto our platform has been worn, tried or tested by our team and adheres to a strict set of green guidelines. That's so we can ensure we're bringing you nothing but quality, sans greenwashing. What's more, all are made by independent or local businesses who are care about making a difference. Discover them all here

Impact of Fashion (read this) 

Fashion is one of the most polluting and unregulated industries in the world. In Singapore (where ZERRIN HQ is based) the apparel market amounted to over US$671 million in 2018. Just next door, in China, the market last year was worth $246,877 million. Globally, it’s said that we now consume some 80 billion pieces of clothing each year. That’s 400% more than what we consumed just two decades ago.

What's more, there's very little employment regulations in the textile industry, and it's one that has proven time and time again to enslave women. Roughly 85% of all garment workers are female. Many are underpaid, working in unsanitary conditions, and treated poorly by factory owners who are squeezing margins to make clothing as cheaply as possible. Sometimes, scenarios like this put workers lives at risk. The most publicised example of this was the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh which killed over 1,000 people back in 2013.

Have those figures shocked you? Then learn to shop and live more meaningfully with us. Check out our brand directory for labels to support, get inspired through our content or connect with us through our events.