Celebrate sustainable style at Singapore’s first Eco Fashion Weekend

Singapore's first inaugural Eco Fashion Weekend happens this April 2024

Spotlighting the strides Singapore’s fashion industry has made in sustainability, the landmark Eco Fashion Weekend event launches this April with an awards ceremony, fashion show and series of workshops

Singapore is gearing up for a groundbreaking event this April that aims to spotlight its fashion industry’s approach to sustainability. The inaugural Eco Fashion Weekend, set to take place from April 19th to April 21st at 1880, is poised to be a game-changer in the realm of eco-friendly fashion consumption. Organised by a collective of activists and local sustainable fashion brands, this event aims to ignite conversations, inspire change, and celebrate innovation within Singapore’s fashion landscape.

Singapore's inaugural Eco Fashion Weekend happens this April 19-21.
Eco Fashion Weekend

Day 1: A Thought-Provoking Panel

The weekend kicks off with a dynamic panel discussion on Friday evening, where industry experts will delve into the intersection of fashion, ethics, and the environment.

Moderated by Stephanie Dickson, founder of Green Is The New Black and The Conscious Festival, the panel will feature voices such as Anisa Johnny, Jian Yang, Su Pei Ho, Sera Murphy, and Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu. Held at 1880, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in insightful conversations that shed light on the urgent need for sustainability in the fashion industry.

Day 2: Eco Fashion Awards & Alternative Fashion Showcase

Saturday brings the much-anticipated Eco Fashion Awards and Fashion Showcase. Powered by Afreum, these awards recognise outstanding contributions to eco-conscious fashion in Singapore. From public votes to a panel of judges, the awards celebrate individuals and organisations committed to shaping a more sustainable future. PS: We’ve been nominated in multiple categories. Please cast your vote for ZERRIN and other brands here!

Following the awards, attendees will enjoy an Alternative Fashion Showcase, highlighting innovative designs from local brands like Ayesha, Commenhers, OliveAnkara, and more. This showcase serves as a testament to the creativity and ingenuity driving sustainable fashion forward.

Day 3: Inspiring the Next Generation

The weekend culminates with a family-friendly Sustainable Fashion Workshop on Sunday, aimed at inspiring the next generation of eco-conscious consumers. Hosted exclusively for 1880 members and their guests, this workshop provides an interactive platform for children to learn about the importance of sustainable fashion in a fun and engaging way.

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As Singapore embraces sustainability through initiatives like the Green Plan, the Eco Fashion Weekend serves as a beacon of hope for a more environmentally-conscious fashion industry. By bringing together passionate individuals, industry leaders, and innovative brands, this event sparks meaningful dialogue and drives positive change. Join us this April as we embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in fashion.

For more information and booking details, visit the Eco Fashion Weekend eventbrite and follow them on instagram.

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