Will & Well

Will & Well is an inclusive fashion brand from Singapore that makes clothes easier for disabled

Clothes to provide comfort, dignity and independence


Will & Well is an inclusive fashion label founded to improve lives by changing the way we wear clothing. Taking into account marginalised groups, such as people with disabilities, the elderly, and post-surgery patients, the brand applies design thinking and technology to create apparels that provide comfort, dignity and independence.


Will & Well approaches different suppliers for different projects, working closely with them and building relationships with them. For customised products, the brand works with a local elderly seamstress. She runs an independent home studio, which allows her to work while still caring for her family.

Will & Well pride their apparels in being design thinking solutions created to meet diverse day-to-day needs by marrying fashion and technology. They also speak with their clients, conducting observational studies and extensive research. This familiarises them with the dressing processes. Thus, they are able to modify various elements of designs, from the choice of material to technical parts, to effectively counter dressing challenges.

Since Will & Well prioritises marginalised communities, they wish to reduce any packaging costs to translate it to reduced costs for their customers. Thus, they use a clear plastic to ensure the hygiene of the apparel and keep their packaging minimal.

Will & Well seeks to design long-lasting and timeless clothes. It is said that rewearing is the most sustainable option. Hence, they ensure that their designs do not age out of different life stages. Instead, they are suitable for many life stages and many occasions. In addition, they do not design based on seasons, thus you would be able to wear them for a long time.

Will & Well envisions changing the way people think about and wear clothes. One way the brand does this is through workshops where they introduce the participants to their design thinking process and technology. Introducing skills taught in the workshops to a wider audience increases awareness of the importance of inclusive design as well. It also imparts more people with skills to refashion and repurpose the clothes already available in their closet. The brand continually pushes forward inclusive wearables through their designs where they modify seemingly common clothes to make wearing clothes even easier.

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