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Whispers & Anarchy

Femininity meets minimalist design


Believing that clothes can be beautiful and fairly made every step of the way, Whispers & Anarchy is a label born in Spain, designed in Singapore and made in Bali. Their designs bring together a love for travel together with the founder’s Spanish heritage and South-East Asian lifestyle. Welcome to a world of voluminous silhouettes, pretty ruffles and beautiful colours.

Whispers & Anarchy



Whispers & Anarchy get their products made in Bali, as many of the manufacturers there have a strong focus on sustainability. While Bali is one of the most expensive places in Asia to manufacture clothing, the Indonesian island has established itself as an “ethical clothing” hub. The brand works with a young spirited entrepreneur finishing her architecture degree who runs the workshop in Bali. Some of the workers are from the same family, and all of them earn living wages, work in clean, safe conditions, and comply with working hours and local holidays.


The brand only uses natural fabrics as they are kinder to the skin and are biodegradable such as BCI certified cotton and rayon voile. Rayon voile is a light fabric made of 100% rayon that is made from wood pulp and other agricultural products, characterised by its softness and smooth touch. They purposely make every product from 100% of either fabric as they recognize the difficulty of separating mixed fibre blends during recycling. Each piece is handmade and hand-dyed on-site as the team in-house takes care of everything. They use non-toxic dyes and emphasize on using all their materials to reduce waste. Fabric, trims and labels are all sourced locally to reduce carbon footprint. Whispers & Anarchy also offer ‘made to measure’ services, and are exploring recycled fabrics and botanic dyes for the future.


The brand has removed single-use packaging and even asked their partners in Bali to avoid plastic when packing the dresses. The brand does not use any poly bags. Instead, each dress comes to Singapore wrapped in paper and then sent out to customers in a compostable 100% biodegradable mailer bag. The bags are made from a combination of corn-based biopolymers and decompose in 6 months – they’re certified both for home and commercial compost. They use mailer bags because they are lighter, easily recyclable and less bulky than cardboard boxes. 


The brand sources and manufactures everything in Bali, then ships and sells in the region to reduce their footprint. They also source all-natural fabrics and trims within the region. Their cotton is certified by BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), a non-profit organisation that runs the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. The BCI promotes better standards in cotton farming, and it already accounts for 14% of global cotton production. Whispers & Anarchy manufacture in small batches and offer “made to measure” services to better tailor their production to customer demands. The brand ensures all packaging is recyclable and the waste reused. Whispers & Anarchy are also part of the eco-packaging alliance and to contribute to global reforestation. For every one of their compostable mailer orders, their packaging partner will plant a tree in an area of need. On top of this, you can also choose to plant a tree with your order. Every month the brand passes the money collected to non-profit organisation One Tree Planted.


Whispers & Anarchy wants to offer a viable alternative in between fast fashion on the high street and exorbitant luxury price tags. Committed to building a more sustainable story, the brand makes products that have built-in value, quality and longevity. They produce in small quantities to not only meet demands but reduce stock waste. They make every product by hand and reduce their impact on the planet by having a zero-plastics policy. Most importantly, the brand makes sure every person involved in the making of their garments has received a decent wage. Empowering women is one of the cornerstones of their brand. All their pieces have been designed, sourced, sewed, photographed and shipped by women from all around the world. Whispers & Anarchy’s price tags reflect the quality and value of their pieces as they believe sustainability and style shouldn’t be a luxury but the norm in the fashion industry. 

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