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war and drobe slow fashion handcrafted accessories

Slow fashion womenswear thoughtfully handcrafted


War & Drobe is a slow fashion womenswear label. Founder Nina Kovacevic designs and handcrafts each garment and accessory in London. As a child, Nina fled the war from former Yugoslavia in the early 90’s. Thus, she named the label after her mother’s personal story of defiance with the hope of inspiring women to reimagine their own self-expression.

war and drobe handcrafted slow fashion accessories london

Founder Nina Kovacevic’s vision is to produce garments and accessories slowly, with accountability. Thus, Nina designs and makes each piece herself. This way, she is able to bring focus to the importance of producing small collections and never creating excess.


Each War & Drobe piece is designed and made in South London. The brand sources a variety of sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton and linen, from certified suppliers. They make many of their headbands from vintage materials and motifs, which they source from trusted vintage and antique dealers. They also use fabrics that are screen printed in small batches using eco-friendly, solvent free inks. The elastics they use are from in Austria, and consist of 70% organic cotton and 30% natural rubber.


For their packaging, War & Drobe only uses materials that are kind to the environment. Thus, each order arrives in a paper parcel bag with the products carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a cardboard box. They also include a postcard and care instructions. Everything is recyclable.


By producing a small number of garments and accessories each year, War & Drobe ensures that the waste created throughout the making process is reduced. They also make a conscious effort to not produce any waste fabric. Thus, they make fabric offcuts into accessories and keep them for wadding. The label is conscious of using only vintage or sustainable materials, as well as natural materials, such as certified organic cotton and oeko-tex certified linen.


The War & Drobe ethos is to always consider the full life cycle of the piece created and the impact it leaves. Their vision is for women to fall in love with their designs and cherish them for years to come. They hope for all their items to be valued like an heirloom, where it can also be passed down to future generations. The aim is to reconnect and re-inspire women in the way they think about their clothes, and as a result, how their clothes make them feel.

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