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W.ANT Skincare is a 100% natural ethical skincare brand. They decide on product formulation with pure botanicals and minerals, which are also waterless. The brand was inspired by the beauty in simplicity, created for the woman who wants it all. 

WANT Natural beauty products

They provide fair wages for fair pay, with safe working conditions. Each product purchase also gives back to local communities and to female cooperatives in Indonesia and Africa. They contribute to the education of women through BaliWISE, a charity based in Bali that provides education to women in Indonesia.

WANT products are put together by hand. From farm to skin, WANT’s ingredients come directly from farms or through co-ops. They are fair trade and sustainably sourced, and thus prices are slightly higher. However, the money is going to the rightful pockets of the farmers harvesting the ingredients.

The brand switched from PET to glass bottles to reduce plastic waste, with available refillable options. There’s also no individual box packaging to reduce consumption and waste. All packaging is recyclable and their ‘thank you’ note is a handmade seed card that you can plant and grow your own kitchen side herbs and vegetable garden.

WANT Skincare’s products are free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients and water for that 100% natural goodness. Not using water in the formulation also reduces carbon footprint. Most importantly, their products are cruelty-free. In short, their less is more mindset helps reduce their waste and environmental impact. 

At WANT, beauty is beyond appearance and it is the mind that empowers one. The brand’s philosophy stems from the founder’s quest for natural beauty, without following any fads or trends, which also gave back to communities. Therefore, by following a Chinese idiom, 饮水思源 (yin shui si yuan) which literally means when you drink water, think of its source, the brand reminds consumers of where their products come from and to be mindful of their consumerism. Being in the bustle of city life and frequent jet-setting, the need for non-toxic multi-tasking skincare is imperative to prevent radical-free damage.

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