Tropick sustainable performance wear man and woman at the pool

Premium, conscious crafted men's loungewear

Tropick makes clothes for real life, to free you from the restrictions of the daily grind, to allow you to perform to your highest—in style. Their easy to wear, co-ord sets and comfortable shirts put the fun in fashion as they allow you to sweat comfortable, stretch with your movement and breathe like your favourite sportswear. Above all, Tropick’s mission is to utilise eco friendly fabrics and business practices and create honest clothing you can be proud to wear.

Tropick’s factory has a BSCI audit and they only work with companies with top ratings. Skilled workers with a technical focus on performance apparel make up their production line. An agent visits the factory regularly, who updates, audits and provides improvement suggestions to ensure quality is maintained. Tropick holds video calls with their project lead at the factory, where they meet their seamstresses and tour the facility virtually. They pride themselves on only working with factories that provide a living wage and clean, safe working conditions.

Products are made in a production house in Shanghai where agents are able to check up regularly on their partners. This location was chosen as it is the area with the highest quality cotton and technical fabrics in China. Additionally, this is where the most skilled performance wear seamstresses are located. All of their mills and production are in one area, therefore, Tropick is able to lower their carbon footprint in many ways. Tropick’s goal for the future is to use only organic or post-consumer materials in their fabrics and to have their mills, production and distribution all in one location.

Tropick goes against the status quo when it comes to packaging. They have worked with their manufacturer to ensure that their products are packaged and shipped plastic free. As well as without any extra notions in the packing process to reduce unnecessary waste. They ship orders in reusable travel bags, packaged in 100% biodegradable mailer bags. The small amount of paper product they do use is made from post-consumer materials, or is uncoated and fully recyclable.

High-quality synthetic performance fabric is used for Tropick’s performance line, derived from a fabric mill with some of the strictest quality and environmental standards in the world. Tropick uses fabrics with certifications such as OEKO-TEX, GRS, HIGG Index, and ISO 14001. Their Loungewear line is also made 100% from biodegradable cotton. In addition, they produce in small batches and ensure their factories create minimal waste in the design and production process.

Tropick has taken a timeless classic and put a fresh spin on it so you can wear it more ways in more places. By shifting the focus from trends and the mindset that “more is more”, they encourage buying more responsibly and consciously. Tropick is comprised of activists for the future they want to build. Therefore, they aim to produce quality products and order in low volumes to eliminate waste. Performance and loungewear clothes are made in factories that pass a brand audit, pay fair wages and provide safe, clean working conditions for their workers. What’s more, Tropick is committed to protecting the environment as the brand is founded on our connection to nature. Hence, they donate 1% of total annual sales to charities dedicated to cleaning up and restoring our oceans and beaches.

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