The Tangerine Road

the tangerine road

Slow-fashion capsule collections inspired by oriental heritage, travel & ethnic textile traditions


The Tangerine Road was inspired by the ancient silk road connecting cultures and countries from Europe and Asia, and the brightly coloured tangerines that were gifted to friends and family during the Lunar New Year. Both founders are from Italy and their collections focus on sharp tailoring and vibrant prints from around Africa and Asia.  


The Tangerine Road chose from the beginning to not outsource their production from a factory. Instead, they rely on their tailors in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Over the years, the founders’ relationship with the tailors had grown into a solid partnership based on mutual respect and support. Working with a tailor on a small scale allows them to be more flexible with clients inputs. They can eevn offer alterations and explore their creativity without constraints like minimum quantity. It’s pleasant to think about the lovely tailors’ work when wearing any of their pieces. 


The brand only sources pure silk, linen and cotton as the team believes in using pure raw materials to produce the finest garments that can last very long. Their fabric suppliers are small local retailers in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jaipur and Myanmar. The founders have met them during travels and continue to build a strong relationship regularly. Instead of printing their own artwork on any new fabric, the brand uses end of rolls/deadstock printed fabrics. This is crucial to keep the business sustainable by minimizing any extra digital printing of the fabric. This means their capsule collections and small-batch produced, exclusive and special.


The Tangerine Road does not use any plastic in their packaging, and also has asked their tailors to reduce and reuse plastic sacks when shipping new collections. The team also encourages its friends and clients to use their own shopping bags when purchasing their product instead of getting new or plastic bags. The brand is also working on a new project with reusable fabric packaging.


As a brand founded by two women, The Tangerine Road is very socially engaged to support other women in need. The founders are very keen to collaborate with local charities and social enterprises. The brand has been collaborating regularly with Italian Women Association in Hong Kong and Singapore to address specific social issues. As the team cares for the planet, they adopted a zero-waste approach to make sure each piece of leftover fabric is re-used to create accessories like silk pouches and hairbands. Now, they are developing a new project that will allow them to re-use even a tiny piece of fabric as small as 3×3 cm while supporting local women social enterprises.


As a niche fashion brand, the brand embraces a gentle approach to consumer behaviour. They want to harness a friendly relationship with their customers, filled with trust and loyalty. Instead of treating them like customers and pushing marketing onto them, they want to engage with their customers in a genuine way. 

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