The Skin Firm

Natural beauty that puts the planet and your skin first


Founded by skincare chemists, The Skin Firm creates affordable, plant-powered products that are fantastic for your complexion. Ingredients like coconut, Himalayan red rice and Marula oil nourish and perfect your skin over time. What’s more, they own their own factories and have an all-female R&D team.

green beauty brand the skin firm uses natural ingredients

At The Skin Firm, the products are 100% naturally formulated and crafted in-house. Their business partners are in Thailand – the Southeast Asian capital of beauty production and wellness. The founders also visit the GMP-certified production facilities multiple times. This is to make sure the working conditions and codes of conduct are of the highest standards. Being a family-run business with over three decades in the beauty industry, they treat their production/business partners as extended family.

The brand works with raw materials producers committed to sustainable production. These are proven either through Fair Trade agreements with local producers or through more environmentally-friendly extraction/production processes. They use ingredients such as natural yeast in the form of galactomyces ferment filtrate, Himalayan red rice, Marula oil and coconut.

The Skin Firm uses recyclable paper boxes and PET packaging – a lightweight alternative to glass. While it is arguably greener in terms of production processes, PET also leaves a larger carbon footprint when it comes to transportation due to weight. The brand also uses corrugated cardboard instead of bubble wrap to protect products during shipping.

By using natural ingredients that have been sustainably sourced, the brand aims to create effective natural solutions that are free from harmful chemicals. They also own their manufacturing facilities. Their R&D team works with resident skincare scientists to make sure their formulations are good for the skin and the environment. 

The Skin Firm not just manufactures its own products, but also believes in having strong relationships with the makers of natural skincare ingredients. This enables them to get first dibs on top-grade actives to ensure the sustainability and origins of each ingredient. The result: nature-powered serums, creams and essences that are also affordable and effective. Obviously, they are 100% cruelty-free and are currently working towards a Leaping Bunny certification. 

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