The Fashion Pulpit

The Fashion Pulpit is a swapping destination in Singapore for women with or looking for preloved clothing

Singapore's ultimate swapping destination


The Fashion Pulpit is Singapore’s first retail swapping, upcycling and tailoring brand. They encourage their sustainable fashion community to explore pre-loved options instead of buying new.


The Fashion Pulpit is building a community of fashion consumers to change their fast-fashion shopping habits. They have even held swaps, several workshops, panel discussions, and collaborations with various companies and government agencies to drive positive change throughout their journey.

The store takes in preloved clothing, and conduct quality checks to assess if they are in good sellable condition. If the clothes are substandard, they return it to the owners. They have multiple membership packages for those who want to continue swapping on a monthly/yearly basis.

They don’t use any packaging of any kind, instead, they encourage customers to bring their own reusable tote bags.

The Fashion Pulpit is a social enterprise that aims to promote environmental education and awareness in the field of fashion. Their goal is to reduce fashion waste by encouraging a more circular form of business model. So, customers can buy preloved items, get their own clothes tailored and learn to upcycle what they can’t wear anymore. Swapping clothes means customers buy a lesser number of new clothes. Hence, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Their philosophy is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The Fashion Pulpit urges shoppers to overhaul their closets and find clothing in good condition they don’t wear anymore to swap them in for points at the store. Customers can then use these points to shop for fabulous finds within the store. The founder’s belief about fashion is that it is a unique experience of expressing oneself, and not copying the latest trends. Therefore, swapping can help customers find unique items that they won’t find anywhere else.

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