Source Collections

source collections from singapore makes high quality sustainable basics

Better quality basics from eco-friendly fabrics


SOURCE Collections is a modern apparel company that designs better quality basics using natural or eco-friendly fabrics. Their apparel are ethically made and priced reasonably.

Source Collections ensure ethical production

SOURCE Collections partners with factories in Hong Kong. The brand commits to finding and working with 100% sweatshop-free factories. Thus, the factories they work with are either socially-compliant certified or members of organisations such as WRAP or BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). The team also personally visits the factories to better understand the conditions of the factory, such as the processes, equipment and workers’ well-being.

SOURCE Collections use fabrics made from natural or sustainable materials such as TENCEL™ lyocell, micromodal and certified organic cotton. The brand custom-mills the fabrics to ensure they are high in quality and durable for frequent wears and washes.

The brand uses plastic-free packaging. In addition, they source 100% from biodegradable Kraft paper to make the packaging materials. This ensures that customers can further reuse and recycle their packaging.

SOURCE Collections is a slow fashion brand that releases high-quality basics that can last through seasons and years. They make sure to use only natural and eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable.

SOURCE Collections believe in the philosophy “Better, For Less”. That is, better quality clothing that fits better, feels better, looks better and lasts longer. Hence, the brand designs simple basics are highly versatile and can be styled in multiple ways. They also believe in transparency, allowing customers to understand what goes on behind the scenes and stories of the people who make them.

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