Luxury jewellery with a conscience

With sustainability at heart, Scéona offers fine jewellery that is carefully thought through and crafted in order to do no harm to the planet and its people.



Their workshop is based in Jaipur, India, and provides jobs for 2,000 artisans from the local community. The company is ISO certified and awarded by the Indian government for its excellent work practices. They also have a charity arm that gives back to the local community to provide free water and education to the most disadvantaged population. In addition, the founders have visited and audited the workshop, to check to see if they were wearing security shoes, masks and ensure all artisans were above 18 years. Their workshop is based in a highly controlled government area called a “special economic zone”. This means the guards check people coming in and out, IDs and working permits. This makes sure nothing dodgy happens under the radar.


Scéona’s fine jewellery has been carefully thought through and crafted in order to do no harm to the planet and its people. All the pieces are made of 18kt recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, to avoid using mined materials. They also used recycled gold from electronic waste. Their suppliers extract gold from electronic devices. They then reuse the retrieved gold without worrying of a loss in quality! They use diamonds grown in a lab that has essentially the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as mined diamonds, but without the added impact of mining.


Scéona packs their luxurious pieces in jewellery boxes made from solid pieces of beautiful timber. Most importantly, they source timber from sustainable forests to ensure the balance of biodiversity of the surrounding area. Every package is handmade by Scéona in recycled cardboard. Hence, they custom-make these boxes for each order, to avoid material waste.


The team carefully considers every step of the value chain, with great craftsmanship and sustainability at heart. Moreover, they don’t use any mined materials, are 100% plastic-free, and use packaging made from wood sourced from sustainable forests. The team also calculates their carbon footprint and offset it by planting trees and offering them to clients.


As a brand, Scéona believes anyone can wear beautiful fine jewellery without feeling guilty of its environmental and social impact. Their three main values are minimalism, innovation and transparency. Their philosophy is ‘less is more’. So, Scéona offers limited quantities of high-quality jewellery to promote sustainable production and conscious consumption. They believe they have a responsibility to find new solutions to reduce their impact. And finally, the brand wants to be transparent about how and where they make their products. Bonus: they have a guide on sustainable jewellery to help consumers buy consciously, and share on social media about their findings. 

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