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Rentadella is a Singapore based fashion rental platform, offering dresses and accessories from luxury brands to rent for special occasions.


Tackling fashion’s overproduction problem, the rental model of business allows women to have an extended endless closet without having to buy all the dresses. They can enjoy dressing up in unique gowns for their occasions, and not repeat outfits as pressured by social media. The rentals are affordable and sustainable. Which means, women customers are more empowered to dress their best, without breaking the bank each time. The founder is also a body positivity and sustainable style advocate. Her goal is twofold – to make Rentadella a sustainable fashion service offering dresses enjoyed by multiple women.

Rentadella adds all the latest fashion trends so everyone can access seasonal trends at a fraction of the cost, without having to own it. From beautiful brunch two pieces to fun party dresses and full ball gowns, there is something for any occasion. They also offer dresses to buy. The founder has also shared her interest in designing dresses to add to her rental collection.

Rentadella does not use any plastic, instead opting to send their dresses in recyclable cardboard boxes.

The rental model of business is a nod towards sustainability, as customers can try out various trends and styles without having to purchase anything. So, this reduces the amount of textile waste generated from throwing away clothes after single-use. The major environmental impact comes from the shipping and returns, and how the garments are cleaned after each customer. With this frequency of dry-cleaning, garment quality may reduce and become unwearable after some time.

Founded by singer-songwriter, Ming Bridges, the company was something she thought of during her childhood. She envisioned a rent and swapping experience between her friends and made it a reality. Her business aims to empower women to dress to impress, without having to break their bank to buy designer dresses. The rental service uses a pay-per-use model, and rentals typically last from four to eight days. You can schedule a package up to four months in advance, or place your order at least 4 hours before you need it.

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