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Conscious luxe clothing designed thoughtfully,
compassionately and responsibly


Rengé strives for women to have access to conscious, luxe, everyday clothing. The brand believes that it is possible to feel pretty, feminine and bad ass all at the same time. Their mission is to make sure that no matter what they do, they do it thoughtfully, compassionately and responsibly.

renge slow fashion India tailor made sustainable luxury

Rengé runs their own manufacturing unit in Faridabad. They are thus able to ensure that every employee is paid above minimum wage. While they currently have a ratio of 60% men and 40% women, they are working towards making that 50/50. They also have a non-discriminatory hiring process. Every single fabric process takes place within a 3km radius, and the brand only works with factories that follow the strictest social & environmental compliances. A part of their factory also runs on solar energy.


Rengé makes all their garments in-house. The brand specialises in sexy and feminine silhouettes adorned in intricate embroideries. They source surplus fabric for their collections, choosing to give them a new life. They don’t believe in following a fashion calendar, choosing instead to go season-less. Most pieces are made to order, and every style can be made to measure. This means that every woman can access Rengé, and that they don’t ever over produce.


Rengé sends all packages within India in boxes made from recycled paper. International packages are sent in cloth bags made from their waste fabrics.


Rengé sources surplus materials that are easy on the planet, such as linens and cottons. They also turn any waste fabrics into masks and bags. The brand only works with factories that follow the strictest compliance. The dyeing and printing unit they work with recycles 90% of their water and is working towards making that 100%.


Rengé’s aim is for every single woman to be able to access their clothes, thus they do a lot of custom fits for their clients. They’re committed to supporting causes in India relating to both the environment and animal rights, bringing together the founder’s passion towards both fashion and protecting the welfare of street animals. They work with a number of charities to honour their values, supporting animal rights causes and fighting for the environment. In addition, they have moved away from putting their designs on sale, allowing them to price their pieces honestly.

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