Bringing delight back into up-cycling, giving every piece of clothing a meaningful second life.


Refash is a second-hand fashion marketplace for customers to buy and sell their unused garments. They make it convenient for women to clean out their closet and shop for quality second-hand clothing. Refash is now a thriving omnichannel fashion start-up that has processed over 220,000 items of clothing across 3 offline stores and its online platform



The online platform is meant to be convenient for both sellers and buyers. Whether it is to put up listings or browse, Refash feels less like a thrift store and customers feel like they are buying new while opting into a greener fashion stream. The retail stores look like any other apparel outlets. This makes it less intimidating for customers who have not experienced secondhand shopping. Refash is a platform where consumers can sell their own unused clothes to give them a second life, while also earning some money they can put towards secondhand shopping too. This helps women to detox their closets and put it to good use. This way, other women can cherish their forgotten purchases. By curating one’s closet to only have clothes we wear frequently, it removes a lot of anxiety and wasted time when getting dressed.


The store stocks dresses, tops and bottoms of specified brands. They also use tags such as ‘like new’ or ‘new with tag’ to highlight its good condition. This gives customers the freedom to buy clothes that are in the condition they prefer, and provide more information about the garments which is rare in other thrift shops. The prices vary from as low as $9.90 to over $200 for branded items, making them sustainable and affordable for a large audience of women. Some other local brands also sell their new past-season items at Refash too.


There is no information about the packaging they use, however they possibly use generic plastic bags. The store encourages customers to bring their own reusable bags.


Refash aims to be the largest marketplace for buying and selling secondhand. The company’s business model is tackling the huge problem of overconsumption in fashion. By allowing clothes to get a second life, it not only reduces the number of new clothes bought but the number of clothes that end up in landfills after a few wears. This zero-waste approach to fashion is changing the sustainable fashion industry. It makes the experience of shopping second hand feel like new and appeals to customers who have not thrifted before.


The founder of Refash started the company to solve the problem of women owning too many clothes they don’t wear. So, in a way to connect women’s closets and reduce fashion waste, he created a platform where women can sell and buy preloved clothes. By encouraging a collaborative and circular approach to fashion, Refash is building a community who enjoy secondhand and upcycling clothes.

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