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Pyar ethically made jewellery Bali

Soulful jewellery for bohemian spirits


Pyar is a jewellery line designed in Singapore and handmade by artisans in an ethical jewellery factory in Bali. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘priya’, meaning beloved. So, the line takes inspiration from treasured moments of stillness, rhythms of nature, and human connection. Above all, Pyar believes in a life that is love-conscious, and full of intention and purpose.

Pyar ethically made jewellery shells

Pyar partners with an ethical jewellery factory in Bali with shared ethical values and a well-equipped establishment. This also includes a fully integrated factory, with skilled artisans and international best practice standards including regulated systems in place for authorised waste disposal and recycling procedures. Moreover, their supplier has been making jewellery for over 20 years, and they hold their ethics just as highly as their craft. They offer wages that are fair and above the minimum standard, provide work training centres, childcare for working mothers. Their multicultural staff includes 118 female and 135 male employees, and holidays are respectfully observed and considered in the production lead times. They collaborate with their artisans in the design process. They sample each product and carefully consider the feasibility and wearability of the product before joining the collection. The founder often visits the factory to view processes from development, casting, plating and quality control. 

Pyar’s design language takes inspiration from moments of transience, rhythms of nature and human connection to serve as amulets and talismans. They design with timelessness and interchangeability in mind —  to make wearable jewellery across all collections. They work with certified recycled 925 silver, 18k gold plated recycled bronze and recycled brass supplied by Allura Metals located in the north of Bali. The brand makes rings, charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other handmade accessories. These items are the perfect tokens of love, so they are great gifts for loved ones and yourself!

Pyar uses strung, pocketed cotton pouches along with a notecard and ships products in recyclable non-plastic envelopes.

Pyar believes that the driving force of all creation is love. So, they design pieces to inspire appreciation of the self, others and the world. Pyar supports creatives from their photostories, and have made contributions to Mercy Relief and World Land Trust. Thus, the founder designs each Pyar piece with careful consideration and thought. The brand chooses recycled materials and supports vendors and suppliers who share their own green values. Their supplies also have trusted systems for authorised waste disposal and recycling procedures.

Believing and experiencing that the driving force of all creation is love, so Pyar focuses on love as a core theme which also extends to their ethical production. The brand is sexy, feminine, and designed for the bohemian at heart.  They produce jewellery from certified recycled precious metals with longevity in mind. By intentionally creating small quantities, Pyar limits wastage of resources as well as inventory.

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