Paradigm Shift

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Paradigm Shift

Clothes for the modern, modest and minimalist.


Being an alternative solution to the many fast fashion brands, Paradigm Shift Label is a slow fashion label that advocates for responsible production and consumerism, and shifting mindsets. The brand produces good quality essentials that are long-lasting and ever-stylish, for all the modern and modest minimalists out there. All their designs are ethically-made with a transparent supply chain. 

Paradigm Shift ethical

Paradigm Shift deeply cares about the hands making their products, and places them at the core of their business. Manufacturing in Nepal, China, and Singapore*, the label strictly works with factories that treat workers with dignity and who are paid fairly. The founder also visits the factories to meet the makers and get a sense of the working conditions. They also have set high standards for their production processes. Working with a manufacturer who employs marginalized folk, they are able to help them stand on their own feet and give them a chance at a good life. This manufacturer also sponsors the education of the children of their employees.

The brand chooses natural fabrics such as cotton and linen for their products. They also source deadstock fabric from large production houses and upcycle them to give it a new life. Most fabrics used are sourced locally at the place of origin, where it is made. Paradigm Shift designs with the end in mind; quality long-lasting wardrobe essentials with timeless designs for comfort and versatility. When the day comes where their products reach the end of their functionality, they anticipate it will degrade back to the earth and not contribute to more pollution. Paradigm Shift also uses a pre-order model to refrain from over-production and fabric wastage.

Paradigm Shift is consistent in their efforts to treat the planet as best as they can. They started off using biodegradable and reusable plastic and are now slowly moving into reusable cotton drawstring bags and paper packaging.

By using natural fabric, they’re able to reduce the use and disposal of synthetics into our ecosystems. The brand is very conscious of their environmental footprint. So this translates into design decisions to ensure their products can be usable for a long time, and reduce their plastic usage by opting for biodegradable or reusable packaging. By exploring ways and methods to repurpose leftover fabrics, they try to reduce their waste and be conscientious about what they produce.

Paradigm Shift’s biggest belief is empowerment. They aspire for the brand to benefit and empower all involved in the supply chain, from makers to customers. They built their values upon quality, inclusivity, respect and dignity. The brand started out in the industry to cause a paradigm shift within fashion, hence the name. Especially when it comes to body standards, Paradigm Shift raises awareness and provides sizes up to UK18/3XL to allow many kinds of women to feel confident in what they wear. Modest and modern, their limited designs and longer timelines instil the message that “good things are worth the wait”.  It’s about quality and not following trends blindly. With the dream to make ethical manufacturing the new norm, the brand hopes to provide dignified job opportunities and a form of livelihood in less developed countries.

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