pantee makes undergarments from deadstock fabric

Quality underwear made from remnant fabric


Pantee is the world’s first sustainable underwear brand made from deadstock t-shirts and fabrics. They aim to make fashion circular, starting by using recycled materials. 

pantee is a uk brand that makes underwear from sustainable deadstock fabric

Pantee partners with a production facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Both teams maintain a great working relationship, with strong communication and transparency. The production facility guarantees fair above-average living wages, healthy conditions and zero forced or child labor. Additionally, the workers receive a bi-annual bonus.


Pantee first sources deadstock t-shirts from factories in Dharka, Bangladesh, based on a set of strict criteria. For example, the fabric composition should be around 95% cotton and 5% elastane, should have good stretch and recovery so that they can ensure the underwear can keep its shape, and a good weight. The t-shirts go unused for a multitude of reasons, such as over-production, small faults, not meeting sizing specifications, and many more. The shirts are then cut and sewn into Pantee’s.


Pantee uses 100% recycled and recyclable, and plastic free packaging. They ship orders in a small, recyclable cardboard box, printed using water based ink, and lined with biodegradable tissue paper. They use recycled paper to make their swing tags, which are also recyclable.


Pantee believes that waste doesn’t have to be wasted. By using deadstock t-shirts and fabric to make their products, the brand strives to rework the fashion industry and help power a new, circular economy.


Pantee aims to forge new paths to find purpose in life and change it in the process. The brand has a vision for the way they feel the world should be, and they strive to create an enduring product that turns their vision into reality. They hope that their mission inspires others to join them. The brand seeks freedom and joy through discovery, often breaking the rules and avoiding conforming to how things should be done.

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