outfyt recycled activewear singapore

Activewear made with luxurious recycled fabrics


Outfyt is a Singapore-based activewear brand that features clean cut designs in luxurious recycled fabrics. The brand aims for women to maximise their confidence when working out and to accentuate each woman’s beautiful and natural form.

outfyt econyl sustainable activewear singapore

Outfyt works with an ethical factory based in Indonesia. They ensure that the employees are paid well over the minimum wage with decent working hours. The workers also receive double wages for working overtime. The team ensures the working conditions by conducting quarterly visits to the factory. Further employee benefits include free medical insurance, which also extends to spouses and up to three children. The factory also has a no discrimination policy and no child labour practices in place. They predominantly use organic fabrics, organic dyes, and biodegradable packaging. The factory also has a zero water pollution policy in place.


Outfyt computerised their pattern drawing and planning to minimise scrap fabrics. They also donate any left-over fabric scraps to a local charity. The brand uses ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon. It is made from recovered nylon waste—such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpets. The waste is then turned into virgin quality nylon yarn and blended with lycra fibre to make the fabric tougher. This technology provides a long-lasting fit and a fabric that can resist degradation up to 10 times longer than unprotected fabrics. To promote circularity, the brand also has an end-of-life program that allows returns of old pieces. They will either sell it second-hand, or use them to make up-cycled products.


Outfyt uses a reusable microplastic filtering laundry bag to package each purchase. They encourage the use of the laundry bag when washing their pieces to capture any microplastics released each wash. This not only helps keep microplastics out of water streams, but also prolongs the lifespan of each product. They send out online orders in biodegradable mailers made from Cassava roots and cornstarch. The brand also allows customers to return the mailers for composting.


Outfyt has developed a comprehensive sustainability handbook on the company’s sustainability goals. They offset their carbon footprint annually, and are also striving towards zero waste. The company works directly with recycling facilities to recycle as much waste as possible. They also do careful research of the materials they use. Thus, they only work with products certified from reputable companies. It is imperative that the suppliers and collaborators they work with are aligned with their ethos and sustainability values.


Outfyt’s main cause to save the seas. Thus, for every sale, they make a donation to Healthy Seas, a non-profit organisation dedicated to removing plastic waste from the sea. They believe that many small changes towards a sustainable lifestyle will make a big difference. They create all their designs with women’s confidence in mind. Through their designs, they wish to motivate and encourage women to work out and stay healthy, beautiful and confident. The brand strives for transparency, sharing their ideas, beliefs, and experience through their social media platforms.

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