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Modern silhouettes, traditional Ankara fabrics


OliveAnkara is the meeting point between ankara fabrics and modern fashion designs. They are a creative brand rooted in a fresh and joyful universe that is rich in both history and colours.

oliveankara ankara fabrics kids wear womenswear African designs

OliveAnkara’s clothes are produced ethically by women. They currently work with six local seamstresses in their 60’s. Thus, this gives OliveAnkara the opportunity to work closely with them to meet and discuss designs often. Even as the brand grows and increases their production, they will always aim to work with the intent of creating something respectful of the planet and the people involved in the process.

OliveAnkara designs modern silhouettes that feature traditional African prints. The brand sources their fabric from Nigeria with the help of the designer’s family members. As a slow fashion brand, they prioritise quality and design over quantity and trends. Thus, their designs are timeless and don’t just last for a season. They also release limited editions and small collections in order to reduce waste and optimise their processes.

OliveAnkara wraps their orders in dust bags made from Ankara off-cuts from their making process. The brand also uses recycled paper bags and Better Packaging for shipments.

Sustainability is a main pillar for OliveAnkara. Even as the brand grows and increases production, they will always work with the intent of creating designs that are respectful to both the planet and the people involved in the process. The brand takes a zero waste approach. That entails using leftover fabric to make a kids line, and accessories. Their goal is to implement sustainable practices in all aspects of their business. Thus, they also produce their clothes locally in order to reduce waste and reduce their carbon footprint in transporting their designs. Other ways OliveAnkara also implements sustainability include limiting their use of paper and tracking their waste.

OliveAnkara’s mission is to bring the wonder and vibrancy of African prints into people’s lives and to empower women to express their inner confidence through bold, colourful, yet modern designs. The brand believes that every OliveAnkara piece, be it clothing or accessories, should tell a story inspired by the cultures it brings together with its very creation.

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