New2U Thrift shop

Look like a millionaire without spending much, while contributing towards disadvantaged women and children.


New2U is a thrift shop that sells pre-loved clothing, accessories, household items, ornaments, books and etc. All goods are donated, and prices start from as low as S$1.00.


Volunteers help manage the thrift shop. Some of them have been volunteering with New2U for many years. Thrift shopping is also a great way to empower women. They can try out different styles they could possibly not afford otherwise. Customers can find unique treasures while thrifting, making them look like a millionaire without spending as much. They are a non-profit thrift store, so the proceeds of your purchase go towards various causes and initiatives by the SCWO. 

The store offers women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, books, shoes, handbags, scarves, cold-weather clothing, and various costumes, formal, and festive attire. All their items are donated. They welcome various kinds of donations, new and used, as long as they are in usable condition.

There is no known information about the type of packaging they use, possibly generic polybags. They encourage customers to bring their own reusable tote bags instead.

Buying secondhand is good for your wallet and saving the planet too. It is encouraging consumers to participate in a circular economy, where they try to reuse, reduce, recycle and upcycle their clothes before sending them to landfills. Local citizens and organizations donate everything at the store. This reduces New2U’s environmental footprint.

The SCWO started New2U to unite women to work toward ideals of ‘Equal Space, Equal Voice and Equal Worth’ in Singapore.  Thrift stores encourage customers to steer away from fast fashion brands at a similarly low price. The difference is fast fashion brands do not offer anything unique as they are all generic trends. Whereas, while thrift shopping can lead to finding various unique pieces of clothing that have either come back into fashion or will eventually.

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