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Waste reconstructed, crafted, and transformed into beauty


muta.wear is a Singaporean zero-waste slow-fashion label. They focus on upcycling textile waste through experimental reconstruction and exploring old-school slow fashion artisanal techniques.

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At the moment, the designer and founder handmakes all the products in her home studio in Singapore, but she is seeking to partner with accredited social enterprises in the future.


muta.wear only sources textile waste from post-consumer sources. This includes thrift stores, swap platforms, and seasonal deadstock fabric from fashion and interior design sources. They source their yarn from companies with explicit commitments to sustainability practices. Production-wise, muta.wear aims for zero-waste as much as possible, however, that also depends on the condition of textile waste received. For example, mould or mildew will occasionally render a textile product unhealthy to work with thus it has to be discarded if regular cleaning does not work.


muta.wear avoids packaging as much as possible. Otherwise, they will either make it from textile waste, or source reusable packaging locally from a supplier similarly committed to sustainability.


muta.wear is progressing towards being more selective with the textile waste that they upcycle in studio. They are doing so by only choosing materials that are biodegradable or recyclable. The brand also avoids mixing organic and synthetic fibres to ease repair and end-of-life treatment of the garments.


muta.wear derives inspiration from the word “transmutation”. Thus, the brand sees waste as a resource, transforming it into beauty. Considered, thoughtful design explorations & experiments are key to their design practice. They do this through reconstruction and craft by upcycling to give new life to textile waste. The brand believes that every product should have a meaningful existence thus they make everything with a zero-waste ethos and promise for repairs throughout the product’s lifetime. To muta.wear, making is a journey of resilience, change and thought.

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