Muni Muni

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Muni Muni Studio

Breathing new life into traditional techniques and materials from the Philippines.


Muni Muni Studio is an ethical fashion brand that creates handcrafted shoes and accessories while empowering local artisan communities in the Philippines. Their shoes are made from hand-woven abaca rope (also known as Manila Hemp), a sustainable fibre native to the country where the brand and founder Lara is based. They stock in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and the US.

Muni Muni Studio



Muni Muni functions as a brand on the collaborative effort with local artisans to create meaningful designs that showcase Filipino talent and craftsmanship. They want to create a space where makers and artists thrive—a space where good design and quality meets ethical practices. Working with mostly women, the brand supports them with a sustainable income. The brand subscribes to Fair Trade’s principles of fair payment, opportunities for the disadvantaged, good working conditions and transparency.


Local farmers plant and harvest abaca in rural areas of the Philippines. Their local artisans then weld the fibres into rope and weave into beautiful designs. The whole process, from sourcing down to the finished product, is slow, thoughtful and done by hand. Muni Muni makes products using natural fibres and materials that are 100% biodegradable with the exception of linings and soles.


The brand uses packaging that is 100% plastic-free. Instead, they use recyclable cardboard boxes and pack their footwear in simple dust bags made from cotton and rope.


They design and produce thoughtfully, and not in high volumes, which limits their wastage of resources as well as inventory. The brand makes their products to withstand the test of time and ensure minimal to zero waste in their production. They also offer free repair services to their clientele.


Muni Muni believes in ingraining sustainability into all practices, without having to use sustainability as a selling tool. Consequently, the brand wants to be known and valued for their craft and the careful creation of their products.

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