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Sustainable fashion brands Matter Prints

An artisanal fashion label creating change beyond textiles


Matter Prints is a slow fashion company that prioritises beautiful, fairly-made clothes over profit. They work with generational artisans who have learned the craft through the generations before them. Each print motif is symbolic of a culture, a time, and a place. The brand was founded on the founders’ love for travel and aims to impact change beyond just textiles.

*Update June 2020: Sadly, Matter is set to close in September this year. They will be releasing a small new collection mid year, while the rest of their designs remain on sale. Read their statement here.




MATTER Prints chose their supply chain partners through a set of criteria emphasising product integrity, community integration, and good business practice. They visit each partner personally and focus on building long term relationships for better market access. They mainly work with generational artisans, also with small family businesses and fair factories focused on preserving the identity and culture revolving particular techniques and its processes. With most of their artisan communities coming from various parts of India and bringing their unique craft and heritages, MATTER Prints also employs artisans in Indonesia and Malaysia* for Batik.


They believe in making clothes that last, and ones you can enjoy with a changing body. They design their pants and jumpsuits with adjustable closures for waist or hip wearing – no zips; only buttons, wraps and fabric belts. Their tops and dresses are also size-flexible to suit 2-3 sizes in one size. They have stories of each print and its origin, and each technique behind their textiles. MATTER has a growing collection of pieces made with organic and silk fabrics and aims to switch out their regular cotton to organic cotton. Apart from their hand-loomed fabrics, they also use crepe silk and organic cotton in their collections.


Aligned with their commitment to sustainability, they use canvas reusable bags as a packaging alternative for its reduced environmental impact. These bags are made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled fabric and are fully recyclable.


They are conscious about their waste, so they use a method that reduces textile waste in the design to pattern cutting process. Their production partners collect the leftover fabrics from every order. They then repurpose the leftovers to create their Matter Mini kids line. Their products use azo-free dyes. They don’t follow fashion trends or seasons, so they produce slower to accommodate their artisan’s production time.


Their core purpose is to impact change beyond textiles. They work to make rural artisan production sustainable, shift designers’ approach to their process and inspire customers to value provenance. MATTER Prints views sustainability as a collaboration between individuals and businesses, as well as a way to generate change for the greater good. They highly value the story and heritage behind each design and print, especially the people who make them. They are deeply committed to transparency and practice it with the people and processes behind their products.

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