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Mara Hoffman

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Mara Hoffman is a sustainable ready-to-wear fashion and swimwear label that fosters mindful consumption habits and aims to design and manufacture garments with greater care. They also focus on reducing their impact and generate awareness about environmental and social issues surrounding the fashion supply chain. They produce and partner with suppliers in New York City and Los Angeles.

Mara Hoffman



All of Mara Hoffman’s suppliers comply with regulated local wages, overtime compensation and legally mandated benefits. Most importantly, they make sure employees must not be required to work excessive hours including overtime. They also give the option of having a day off in seven. The suppliers also ensure a safe and healthy working environment and ensure no child or forced labour with the right to unionize. No worker under 18 is exposed to unsafe conditions or actions.


When Mara Hoffman sources for materials, they prioritize natural, recycled, and organic fibres. They do not use any fur, leather, mulesed sheep wool or feathers. The label produces 100% of their swimwear from recycled nylon or recycled polyester. Other sustainable natural fabrics include hemp, linen, organic cotton, alpaca. They also use REPREVE®, made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, TENCEL™ Lyocell, Modal, Luxe and with Refibra. Even their metal trims are composed of partially recycled materials. For buttons, they source styles from harvested Corozo nuts, recycled paper and recycled polyester. Their factories use high-quality dyes by brands such as Hunstman and they onboard new suppliers that meet the Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard.


Mara Hoffman packages their swimwear in compostable plastic poly bags through TIPA, This minimizes the negative impacts associated with using standard plastic. The brand uses hang tags made from 80% recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks. Additionally, all hang tag strings and sew-in labels are 100% organic cotton. However, they ship all web orders and small shipments in 100% recycled paper mailers, composed of at least 50% post-consumer recycled materials. Larger shipments require cardboard boxes made from recycled materials.


Mara Hoffman and its suppliers have a fundamental concern for environmental protection and integrate sustainable practice and green technologies into their business decisions. Therefore, all their suppliers try to mitigate releasing hazardous chemicals and materials into its nearby environment.


Mara Hoffman builds their business relationships on mutual respect for and adherence to all legal requirements and the highest ethical standards. They partner with multiple organizations that push them towards their sustainability goals, such as Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Global Fashion Agenda, Earth Matter, Organic Cotton Accelerator and Queen of Raw.

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