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Ethical accessories by Manava

MANAVA believes in love, people and culture being at the heart of all their designs.


A social enterprise based in Cambodia, conscious fashion and homewares label Manava works directly with female artisans in Kroh Bei Riel village to create beautiful accessories made from locally harvested rattan. Their work empowers the community with skills training and a sustainable income.


MANAVA is currently providing 24 female artisans from Krobey Riel village in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a fair and sustainable income. Since the female artisans joined MANAVA, their income and family contribution has increased significantly by more than 100%. MANAVA intends continued income growth. Most of the women are working from home, allowing them to also care for their families. MANAVA has a close relationship with the artisans and respects their views and opinions. MANAVA’s workshop is located in the village and has a daily presence.

The brand works with a rattan palm material and willow grass that is consequently fast-growing and found throughout Cambodia. MANAVA strongly believes in sustainable harvests, so they carefully limit what they reap in order to provide for continued future growth season after season. Similarly, the label uses the kind of rattan which flourishes in the lakes and rivers.

The label uses cardboard boxes and does not use any plastic in its packaging. Most of their products are packed in a cotton pull string bag which can be reused.

MANAVA’s products are all made of rattan, a 100% natural fibre. The rattan and willow grass are growing in abundance throughout Cambodia. The products are carefully designed, functional and timeless styles, so their customers can cherish their purchases for years. Additionally, the label produces in small batches to minimise overstock.

Translated from Sanskrit, MANAVA means humankind. Therefore, MANAVA believes in love, people and culture being at the heart of all our designs. Above all, the brand wants to embed real value and sustainability in the products they design. It’s not enough to only design a beautiful product as there needs to be more to really connect. MANAVA has gained loyal customers for its unique and distinctive design, supreme quality, for their story and for their impact on people and the planet. 

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