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Skincare by green beauty brand Luxe Botanics, available on ZERRIN

An inclusive green beauty brand formulated with wild harvested, transformative botanicals


Luxe Botanics is a green beauty brand formulated with the planet’s most transformative botanicals. Their targeted skincare range solves the most common skin concerns, naturally. They partner with local communities in Malawi, the Amazon and Maasai women in Kenya to source their ingredients. They impart biodiversity skills to harvesters and give back through Buy1Give1, helping to fund education and business projects across Africa.

Green beauty range by Luxe Botanics, available on ZERRIN



Ethical beauty brand Luxe Botanics was founded by Jené Roestorf, a South African biological scientist. After a decade working on international clinical trials, Jene decided to blend her African roots, scientific proficiency and passion for socially conscious innovation. The result? A green beauty range showcasing the benefits of pure botanicals oils. The label supports and empowers the communities they work with, namely local cooperatives throughout Africa and South America. They manage their harvesting process and ensure fair trade standards are met at every step.


Luxe Botanics products use only high grade, nutrient dense, organic and wild harvested oils. They’re all sourced through fair-trade alliances which support local communities and safeguard the environment.


Luxe Botanics believe in full cycle sustainability and transparency. They’ve selected all of their packaging with care to make sure it’s recyclable. On their website they disclose all of the materials used and how they can be properly recycled. They’ve even created a detailed recycling video here.


With green philosophy at heart, Luxe Botanics work to reduce their environmental impact by ensuring sustainable harvesting of their ingredients. They also reduce their footprint by ensuring all of their products are as recyclable as possible.


Luxe Botanics is part of Buy1Give1, a global business community that’s inspiring positive change in our world through its philosophy of 1 for 1. Every time you purchase a product from Luxe Botanics, proceeds from your purchase go directly to support communities in Africa. For more information you can visit

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