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Kibo is a sustainable footwear brand based in Hong Kong. They create a chic, eco-friendly sneaker option for your everyday wear made from recycled and responsibly sourced materials. This ethical brand also donates to Compassion First, a charity that supports victims of human trafficking.

Sustainable trainers in Asia by Lacess

Kibo manufacture their shoes in China and the team have visited and vetted their factories. They’ve ensured that all workers operate in safe conditions and are earning a living wage that is 3-4 times higher than minimum wage. 

Every sneaker is made from recycled, upcycled or other sustainable materials sourced from China. Here’s the breakdown: They use recycled leather fibres for their uppers along with post consumer plastic fibres that are GRS certified. They make each shoelace from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Their shoe linings use Tencel Lyocell based materials. Their outsoles are made from mostly recycled rubber and insole padding made up of recycled PU elements and cover made with natural sustainable cork (soon to be changed to FSC certified cork). Even their manufacturing facility recycles 95% of their water during the manufacturing process!

At the moment Kibo use recycled paper-board for their shoe boxes. They are working on new packaging that uses FSC certified recycled paper board, using soy ink for printing. Both options are recyclable! They also make their shoe inserts from recyclable paper based material and their shoe bags from 100% linen. 

Kibo’s brand motto is “one step goes a long way.” They prioritise mindful sourcing and production, and ensure every decision is rooted in sustainable materials and ethical practices. Additionally, they donate sales proceeds to Compassion First, a non-profit organisation that fights human-trafficking. What’s more, they also raise awareness of responsible consumption and how it may impact lives in a positive or negative way.

Kibo is working towards calculating their carbon footprint – watch this space! In terms of waste, they donate any excess stock they do not sell to NGO’s.

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