Luxe resort wear made with eco-friendly fabrics


KAFTAN is an eco-conscious clothing brand dedicated to sustainable, ethical and slow production. The label creates feminine, comfortable and timeless styles using luxe, eco-friendly fabrics. Based in Bali, their brand embodies effortless style for free-spirited women who appreciate beauty, travel and life.

Kaftan based in Bali makes feminine styles with a touch of luxe and a bohemian twist

KAFTAN only partners with companies that uphold ethical principles and treat their workers and artisans fairly. They produce with factories and artisans based in West Java and Bali, who work with natural fibres, certified eco-friendly inks and plant-based dyes. Since the pandemic, their focus has shifted towards supporting local makers and smaller family-run businesses. The team regularly visits all factories and artisans to oversee production and they value cultivating close working relationships.


KAFTAN designs everything in-house and only uses biodegradable and compostable fabrics made from plant-based fibres. They also produce in small batches to minimise wastage, and use minimal trims and embellishments to be more eco-conscious in their designs. Their collections comprise unique digital prints and hand-dyed pieces using TENCEL™ lyocell and linen.


They choose to minimise the use of unnecessary packaging and don’t use plastic. Instead, KAFTAN uses a cotton drawstring bag which customers can then reuse in a number of ways, such as for travel or for laundry. The brand also uses comPOST™ 100% biodegradable and home compostable courier satchels.


The KAFTAN team is inspired by living in harmony with nature. Thus, they use plant-based fabrics and natural plant dyes for their collections. They also source all of their materials locally wherever possible to reduce their carbon footprint and support local businesses. They produce in small batches that are all ethically handmade in Bali. The team also uses quality fabrics and finishings and plastic-free packaging to reduce waste.


KAFTAN’s guiding vision is to create beautiful and sustainable clothing for women. As an eco-conscious brand, they believe in sustainable living and therefore infuse these ethics into the design and manufacture of their clothes. They consciously vet everything, from the fabrics they use to the dyes they pick, to their choice of textile print methods. The brand also continues to improve and grow, and they hope to raise awareness and spread the word that fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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