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peer rental platform just borrowed sustainable fashion

Singapore's peer-to-peer fashion rental platform


Just Borrowed is a peer-to-peer mobile fashion rental platform. They aim to make fashion circular by encouraging women to share their wardrobes with each other. Their goal is to provide a secure, hassle-free way for users to update their style, do good for the planet and make a little extra cash all at the same time.

peer rental platform just borrowed

Just Borrowed empowers a community of women who love fashion to make a positive change in their impact to our environment. They also partner with other eco-friendly brands and businesses to create an ecosystem that shares a common vision of sustainability.


Users can rent and lend all types of items such as clothing, bags, shoes and accessories on the platform. They do this all at a fraction of their retail value. The brand encourages users to list items that are in good condition and meet the requirements, which covers factors such as minimum cost and having no fast fashion items.


Just Borrowed has teamed up with Package Pals, a circular packaging initiative, for the community’s packaging needs. Users can opt to receive second hand packaging for free when they need to ship an item out for rent. They also encourage the community to reuse packaging as much as possible during their rentals.


Just Borrowed aims to reduce the amount of waste in the fashion industry by extending the lifespan of our items, and increasing the number of wears we get out of them. Their platform also collaborates with other sustainable businesses to ensure that they can reduce our environmental impact at every step of their process. They do so by reducing packaging waste. adopting an eco-friendly laundry process, and more.


Just Borrowed aims to change the “wear-it-once” mindset and revolutionize the way we consume fashion by sharing what we already own with each other. The brand understands that, as women, we will always have a desire to wear beautiful things. With Just Borrowed, users can still look and feel gorgeous while doing good for the planet and their wallets at the same time.

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