Jodi Life

Jodi Life slow fashion artisan craft brand

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Jodi Life is an Indian based label born out of a shared love for craft, culture, fashion, and travel. Their manifesto is to give a new lease of life to local craft techniques. 

Jodi Life slow fashion artisan craft brand

Their textiles are all hand block printed and handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur. The brand works with a master printer in Jaipur, who produces all their prints. This also includes an in-house production team of pattern makers and tailors that stitch and create their garments. Jodi Life follows fair business practices and pays appropriate wages to their staff.


Jodi Life uses handcrafted processes to develop its textiles. They mainly focus on hand block printing but also hand embroidery, clamp dyeing, and the tie and dye technique of Bandhani. They use 100% natural textiles sourced from various parts of India. According to their brand ethos, they prefer to create limited quantities as per demand. While this increases their lead time for delivery of orders and at times leads to a loss in business, they are committed to their system of producing less and not creating waste.


Since they ship everything from India, they use plastic courier packaging due to monsoons and to protect the designs from damage.


Artisanal craft is inherently more sustainable, not just to keep the tradition alive and allow the artisans to practice a craft that has been passed down generations, but also for the planet. Jodi Life only works with natural textiles and doesn’t use synthetic fabrics. Their priority is to use 100% natural Indian textiles and combine this with the artisanal process of hand block printing. The team also creates everything on-demand to reduce waste and unnecessary inventory.


Jodi Life designs capsule collections to create unique products with a strong emphasis on prints. Each collection thus offers a new splash of colour and print story. The brand believes they can be fashion-forward, affordable as well as share beautiful stories through their designs. 

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