Natural skincare and beauty by Iryasa

Simple, natural skincare using potent yet gentle botanical extracts and edible micronutrients.


Based in Singapore, Iryasa is a holistic, natural skincare brand using potent yet gentle botanical extracts and edible micronutrients.



This indie beauty label works with a family-run manufacturing unit in India which they’ve visited multiple times while developing their formulas. Quality, transparency and ethics are the pillars of their operation, with safe, sterile and technologically advanced working conditions. They also consult with veterans in natural medicine to enhance their skincare blends. Iryasa manufactures their skincare in small batches in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) accredited facility with ISO certifications. What’s more, they also carry out extensive testing in a national lab in India to ensure product efficacy. 


Iryasa’s formulas are all natural, vegan and cruelty-free. They use plant extracts combined with edible micronutrients as their active ingredients to get right to the root of your skin concerns. Their skincare is free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, palm oil, mineral oils, microbeads or titanium dioxide (and for transparency, you’ll find all ingredients on the label). They produce their products using wild harvested herbal ingredients from the region, including the foothills of the Himalayas. Any other ingredients are sourced from regions that they are native to, like tea tree oil grown and produced in Australia. They extract their herbs using water and plant oils rather than harsh chemical solvents which can damage your skin and lead to breakouts. This ensures their formulations are safe for your skin, their manufacturers and for the planet. Also, producing in small batches means they create minimal waste and since their products are biodegradable, they return to the earth after use.


Iryasa skincare comes in glass jars and bottles, along with recyclable card paper for their secondary packaging. While their glass jars are definitely reusable (and they encourage their community to do so!) in the long term, they hope to either set up refillable pumps for their community or to offer the option to return glass jars to be washed, sterilised and reused.


Iryasa’s goal is to change people’s perception about beauty, health and wellness. Founder, Dr Sarada Raghavan, is a molecular biologist by training with a career in the sciences. She’s passionate about sustainable ingredient sourcing, maintaining biodiversity and giving back throughout the brand’s entire supply chain. Her mission? To make quality, botanical skincare affordable while producing profitable solutions that help people and the planet! They stand by creating completely non toxic, plant-based products using natural, biodegradable ingredients combined with 100% pure essential oils. Also, they never test on animals and never will! 


Iryasa’s packaging is recyclable and reusable and all of their products are biodegradable. While their ingredients are not certified organic, they are wild harvested by tribes that live in the region, from soils that are pesticide free. This allows them to contribute to and help support their livelihood. Additionally, they are still working on getting their vegan, natural and cruelty-free certifications, while working towards making sure their manufacturing facility uses cleaner energy. This year, they are working out the best ways to measure and track their carbon footprint.

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