Indosole Flip Flops, available on ZERRIN

Repurposing indestructible tyres into the soles of some of the most durable footwear


Indosole has been repurposing used, indestructible tyres from Indonesia into soles of some of the most durable footwear around since 2009. Over 100,000 tyres have been repurposed into universally appealing flip flops, slides & sandals. Indosole’s B-Corp certification means they put Purpose, People and Planet at the forefront of everything they do. Now sold in nearly 400 stores in 27 countries worldwide, Indosole is disrupting the market offering a sustainable brand serving a new generation of conscious shoppers with a solid commitment to lifestyle with redefined classics.


Indosole produces its footwear in Java. The team visit the factory regularly. Their B-Corp certification ensures all elements of wages, working conditions are met or exceeded where there are minimal limits in place.

They try to source all of their used tyres and as much of their materials as possible, such as the natural rubber used in the footbeds, from Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the top countries to produce footwear in the world. So, the challenge from day one was how the brand could produce more responsibility. This meant using more sustainable materials, less energy, less water consumption, and better packaging. Indosole’s B-Corp certification is their way of showing and proving they are trying as hard as they can at every point in the process to be as responsible and sustainable as possible.

Indosole uses 100% recycled cardboard boxes, hangtags, hangers and unbleached twine to attach tags to shoes. They also use recycled cardboard in the shoe inserts. Zero plastic in all packaging although it is a work in progress though for some areas. Getting display materials that are sustainable is difficult and the team is constantly working to improve on that.

They try to reimagine sustainability to make it seem less boring and make environmentalism look more fun. Indosole is synonymous with using discarded waste tires as soles for shoes. The brand always tries to be innovative and find new things to work with. So it’s not just about recycling, but finding different solutions. They also use elements of recycled EVA in some parts of their products. The brand manages waste and water usage based on its B-Corp certification requirements. Additionally, they’re presently working on tracking their carbon footprint and hopes to release this sometime in the near future. The core of the brand builds from values and processes established by the Higg Index, REI Sustainability Guide, OIA, B Corporation, Ellen Macarthur Foundation.

The Indosole Mission is to inspire people to live a more fulfilled and conscious life with every step. As a brand, they value the ingenuity to provide solutions and to display creativity. They also live by the principles of striving for a clean environment that allows for human and wildlife health and happiness. Indosole’s values are built on transparency and honesty – in their supply chain, workers rights, and amongst employees. They want to be part of the future that limits toxicity and encourages circularity proving that using waste as a resource is valuable and viable. As a brand, they work closely with community groups in Bali where the brand head office is based. Whether that be beach cleanups (Bye Bye Plastic Bags) or waterways cleanups (Sungai Watch) or helping to feed those who need it most (Room4Dessert and Will Godfarb)

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