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Hide The Label slow fashion

Consciously designed, quality made, timeless styles


Hide The Label is a slow fashion brand based in London, founded by a brother-sister duo, Shereen and Ryan Barett. They create effortless silhouettes that fit well, last longer and can be worn by every woman, every season for every occasion. The brand ethos centres around consciously designed, quality-made & timeless styles that incorporate vivid prints and sustainable materials to give you a wardrobe that has longevity and ‘wearability’. 

Hide The Label slow fashion



The brand manufactures their garments in China. Through a careful selection process, they selected their factory for its strong belief in sustainability and ethical practices. They are a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Fashion for Global Climate Action. They hold a global SA8000 certificate for Social and environmental compliance and were the first apparel manufacturer globally to partner with WWF as a pilot member of their Low Carbon Manufacturing Program. The founders have visited the factory, where their partners have signed their codes of conduct and treat workers fairly.


Hide The Label sources their materials with the environment in mind. The brand sources plant-derived fibres, reclaimed fibres such as recycled polyester from post-consumer products, to conserve material resources. They combine this with digital printing techniques that use compressed gas to colour the designs with very minimal water use. Also, Hide The Label does not dye with harsh chemicals that can get washed into the environment. They have added Lenzing Eco Vero to their latest collection, which is a more sustainable version of Viscose. Lenzing Eco Vera ensures sustainable wood sourcing, lower emissions, supply chain transparency and has been awarded the EU Ecolabel. 


All packaging and tags are either recyclable or biodegradable. The brand uses tags made from recycled cards, hanging on unbleached cotton. They also use boxes and tissue paper made from recycled paper and the mailout bag is compostable. The bags Hide The Label ships their garments are also compostable.


They manufacture in a factory where it is more carbon-neutral than most others and donates to charity. They have reduced any sampling waste by producing 3D samples before making the final fit. The brand then donates all samples to Smartworks charity afterwards. The brand uses no animal products or byproducts and all materials are either GRS certified or EU certified raw materials. When possible, they send their production by rail or boat rather than by air to reduce their carbon footprint. By means of educating their customers, the brand uses social media and information throughout their website to encourage customers to be sustainable, even post-purchase. They have Ecocart added to their shopping cart to allow customers to make their purchase carbon neutral. Hide The Label has published its sustainability and environmental policies on the website.  


Hide The Label actively aims to improve every area of their business to incorporate sustainability as the company grows. The brand founders realised there had to be a shift in thinking about the way fashion brands design, the materials they select, and their impact on the environment. They then crafted this brand to challenge the ongoing issues within ‘fast fashion’. Their philosophy is simple: create effortless silhouettes that fit well, last longer and can be worn by every woman, every season for every occasion. They wanted to focus, not on trends, but on consciously designing clothes that are high-quality, timeless and sustainable. Not only does this create a wardrobe that has longevity and ‘wearability’, but it is also playful and exciting with their bold inviting prints. While it’s an evolving process, the brand continually strives to improve season after season, in its mission to make slow fashion the only fashion.

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