Slowly made designs celebrating Asia's best batik & heritage textiles


Gypsied is a conscious label from Singapore that transforms heritage textiles into beautiful products for a conscious lifestyle. Above all, they explore the intersection of culture and identity in modern times, breathing new life into batik and handwoven textiles in their designs.


Gypsied works closely with textile artisans, textile cooperatives and expert craftsmen. Besides supporting artisans and their craft, Gypsied believes in fair trade, choosing to work with partners who embody the same values. Guided by these principles, they aspire to nurture a community that is conscious of provenance and shops ethically. They have explored artisans in Indonesia, Nepal and Bhutan to source for textiles. The starting point of all of Gypsied’s products begins with the story of the textile, which comes from the craft-making communities. By spending time to visit their artisans and nurturing the relationships. This we believe, is the basis of a good and ethical business.

Gypsied uses Batik fabrics, canvas and leathers throughout their collections. They launch 3 to 4 collections a year. Their artisans use methods such as hand block printing, hand drawing and hand screen printing to design the Batik. They use natural plant dyes. Therefore, this ensures their wastewater is not harmful to their surroundings. The batik for their bags come from a cooperative of women artisans in a district called Klaten on the hills of Central Java, specialising in hand-drawn and naturally dyed batik. Their apparel uses batik made by a family of artisans, using the traditional hand-drawn batik and hand-stamped batik but also modern hand screen techniques or even a combination of all.

Gypsied uses recyclable cardboard boxes and tissue during shipment, and avoids using poly bags with their artisans and even sending to their consumers.

Their method of sourcing and production is in tandem with a climate of growing awareness in ethical production and sustainability. Hence, by producing within Southeast Asia, they are able to keep their carbon footprint low as their products do not have to be shipped long distances to reach customers. As they produce in smaller quantities and in traditional methods, they are able to control waste and emissions. On top of that, they source biodegradable and naturally-dyed materials so that the product can go back to the soil.

Gypsied is rooted in the vital role of heritage today. Supporting these guardians of tradition to elevate their craft, history and dignity go beyond being “relevant” in the modern world. Hence, they want to preserve the collective heritage of the Southeast Asian archipelago within their products and raise awareness about fading handcrafts in Asia. No matter the times, culture carries on and forms the fabric of society. Heritage textiles frequently portray timeless philosophical messages and folklore passed down for generations. Also, their small-batch production is eco-friendly and ensures their artisans are not overworked as Batik is a very difficult process. They cherish and value the art they create.

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