Flexi Lexi

flexi lexi fitness Thailand yoga activewear recycled plastics

Bright cheerful yoga and gym wear that empower communities


Flexi Lexi Fitness is a Bangkok-based premium yoga and activewear brand for adults and kids, making fun and colourful designs using fabric made from post-consumer plastic bottles. The brand prioritises the environment, building communities and empowering females.

flexi lexi fitness Thailand yoga activewear recycled plastics

Flexi Lexi uses a factory in Dongguan, China that pays their workers well. They check on the working conditions of the workers by going on virtual tours of the factory. They also use local seamstresses in Thailand for the natural canvas bags in which they pack their orders, who are paid above the average wages in order to generate income within their local community.

Flexi Lexi has transitioned into using recycled fabric. Their fabric is made from recycled plastics – specifically post-consumer plastic bottles, which are sourced by the factory they use. About 35 bottes go into making one set of the brand’s activewear. They are still exploring more ways to use recycled materials in their products, such as sourcing used rubber to create yoga blocks, which they are still in the research and design process of.

While Flexi Lexi originally used plastic ziplock bags, they have since made the switch to using non-woven fabric bags sewn by local seamstresses with empowering messages on them. They are also in the process of replacing the paper they print their clothing tags on with 100% recycled paper.

Flexi Lexi’s aim is to become a more sustainable brand without compromising on quality. While they have been exploring steps to become a more eco-conscious brand since the start, they only made the switch to fabric made of post-consumer plastic bottles in 2019, when the factory they work with started to source recycled fabric on par with the quality of their original fabric. The brand continues to innovate and find ways to become a more sustainable brand, making continuous progress in terms of their product, packaging, and recycling initiatives. For example, they are looking to source used rubber from local communities to create yoga blocks, but it has been an arduous process in terms of research and design as they have not been able to achieve the quality they desire.

Flexi Lexi believes in empowering communities and females. Thus, they have an all-female staff team, as well as a child-friendly workplace to support working mothers. The founder is a mom of two boys herself, so she knows the struggle of juggling work and family responsibilities. They also donate to local charities as well as set up events to help generate income for local communities.

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