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Concentrated beauty bars eradicating plastic waste


Ethique is a sustainable lifestyle, beauty, and personal care brand. Born from a desire to reduce the huge amount of waste created by the cosmetics industry—especially the amount of plastic and waste created by bathroom essentials—Ethique has been creating highly concentrated products in solid form.

ethique eco-friendly green beauty new zealand

Ethique advocates for direct trade. The brand holds close relationships with producers they work with to eliminate intermediaries. This thus ensures fair and stable prices, reliable income, and good working conditions for workers. As a registered B-Corp and certified living wage employer, Ethique pays all staff above a living wage, while supporting team members with flexible working hours and conditions. In addition, they provide sick leave, holiday pay and bonus packages that go above and beyond legal requirements.

Ethique takes great care in using biodegradable, palm-oil free, naturally-derived, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients sourced from direct trade partners. Their highly concentrated products are packed with active ingredients and little to no water. This means that, on average, they last three to six times longer than bottled alternatives. An Ethique shampoo bar, for example, contains less than 1% of water compared to the average bottle of shampoo that is diluted with up to 60% of water.

Ethique packages their solid products in compostable packaging, with no plastic, laminate, and chlorines. This includes their shipping boxes and padding. Thus, this eliminates any problems with plastic and water waste that bottled, liquid products contribute to.

Ethique’s products are 100% plastic-free, made from naturally derived ingredients, sustainably sourced from our direct trade partnerships. The brand is also carbon neutral. This means that they measure then offset their carbon footprint from their day-to-day operations. They wish to move towards climate positive status where they offset more than they emit. For every order made, the brand plants a tree or mangrove. They work with charitable partners tackling environmental concerns, donating 20% of annual profits to conservation, animal welfare and environment groups. In addition, they support local initiatives through sponsorships, and have partnered with more than 170 organisations to date.

Ethique was founded with the mission of revolutionising the cosmetics and personal care industries. The brand focuses on eradicating the plastic and water waste caused by beauty products. Their purpose is to be a sustainable company encompassing environmental, social, and economic sustainability. They also wish to provide full transparency across their supply chain, accounting for the remuneration and conditions for people involved at all levels. Thus, the brand also shares the number of trees planted and tonnes of carbon that they have offset with the Ethique community.

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