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Scientifically validated & 100% natural skincare


Emma Lewisham was founded to make a meaningful, lasting difference in the beauty industry. The brand builds on a model of circularity, a carbon positive path, traceability and transparency.

Emma Lewisham women green beauty New Zealand

Emma Lewisham’s laboratory and manufacturing site is only ten minutes from their headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. Thus, the team can be closely involved in the research and development process. The brand also aims to connect with the people who manufacture their products and sign off on all batches produced. They pay all workers a living wage, and treat them with fairness and respect.


Emma Lewisham is thorough in their research. Every ingredient they use is natural and undergoes stringent review. Their vision is to source all their ingredients from regenerative agriculture. That is, an approach to farming that seeks to increase biodiversity and, importantly, capture carbon in soil and plants to remove it from the atmosphere.


Emma Lewisham uses a fully recyclable box packaging. They also offer a free recycling program for customers in New Zealand and Australia. It is an incentivised rewards initiative to ensure beauty products are kept in circularity. More specifically, the brand offers free returns, rewards and recycling for any type of facial products from any brand. They also run a refill program, where customers are able to trade in and purchase a refilled bottle of product.


Emma Lewisham is working towards a waste-free, circular business model. The brand has a sustainability strategy in place, where they have laid out 10 goals they wish to achieve. One of them, to be able to trace all of their ingredients back to the farms, they achieved in October 2020. The laboratory runs on renewable energy, has strict waste management plans and water recycling processes in place. They mean treat the water used in the manufacturing proces, before releasing it back into the waterways. They also run recycling and refill programs for their packaging. The brand aims to go carbon-positive, becoming 100% circular, as well as incorporate more recycled materials.


Emma Lewisham aims to go beyond just “being sustainable”. The brand is on a carbon-positive path. They are planning on further reducing their impact by becoming 100% circular. They will also be incorporating more recycled material and ingredients from regenerative farms. Strong believers of transparency, the brand plans to share any circular-designed and carbon positive intellectual property created to any beauty brands. This is in the hopes of encouraging other beauty brands to tackle the climate crisis. Additionally, the brand also supports charities such as Zonta International, the Malala Fund, and The Orangutan Project.

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