Emi & Eve

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Emi & Eve

Fine jewellery craft from recycled landmines


Founded by Cassadra Postema, Emi & Eve is an ethical jewellery label that employs local artisans in Cambodia, which also supports landmine clearing. They have stores in Italy.

Emi & Eve Phnom Penh



Emi & Eve crafts jewellery from bombshell brass leftover from the Cambodian war with local artisans. The brand utilises these discarded resources to showcase legendary craftsmanship, employ those in need and give their story a platform. Thus, their story is intricately interwoven with various Cambodian and Balinese families, whom they have come to think of as their own during their business relationship. They are mostly single mums who do piece work making accessories. By officially registering the cooperative, these women can then take part in subsidised sales activities and grow the business.


Emi & Eve recycles ERW’s (exploded remnants of war) such as landmines, artillery shells, and bullet casings to make jewellery. They happen to be made from brass and which makes it great for jewellery design. They even source semi-precious stones within Cambodia to promote the local economy.


Emi & Eve engages with a single mum and daughter, Thearith and Meimei, who were living in an HIV ghetto in Phnom Penh, to make pouches for their jewellery.


While it’s easier to buy a flat sheet of brass, Emi & Eve still works with suppliers who partake in the difficult task to melt down and flatten the brass from the bomb remnants. This is to show how they can make something beautiful out of the bad story of war Cambodia has become saddled with. The de-mining process to remove all mines planted during the time of Khmer Rouge also protects the villages from accidentally activating these hidden mines.


Emi & Eve believes in the power of beauty from ashes. By recycling exploded symbols of war into luxury jewellery collections, they therefore support landmine clearing. Additionally, they also contribute to economic empowerment and revive ancient cultural craft traditions. Emi & Eve believes true luxury is sustainable.

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